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    Default Staples versus Cravings

    A pattern has begun to emerge in my wardrobe that I hadn't directly noticed before: There are my best-friends-forever scents I'd be happy to wear anytime and there are cravers, those scents I don't wear as often as my bffs, but I don't want to be without them cuz when I crave them, they really satisfy. Can you divide your collection into two classes?

    Guerlain's With Love
    Black Vetyver Cafe
    Nanadebary Green
    La Chasse aux Papillons

    Chypre: Rochas Femme
    Sweet: Mira Bai, Ambre Narguile
    Leather/cade: Dzing, Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Floral: MS Stephanie
    Bedtime: Boucheron, Nuits de Noho, Miss Balmain
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Wow! I have perfumes just for my cravings too. It's funny because I have perfumes that I crave the smell of right before my well you.....Anyway, I will only wear them at theat time because I can't stand to wear them any other time. It's crazy to me.

    My craving frags....
    Paul Smith....London

    My BFF frags.....
    TM.....Angel, Alien
    Chanel...Coco Madam...
    Lolita Lempicka
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Off the top of my head (there are plenty more I could probably put in both categories - but I have an awful lot of BFFs...):

    Apres l'Ondee
    Narcisse Noir
    Black Orchid
    Etro Patchouly
    Etro Sandalo
    Musc Ravageur
    Ombre Rose
    No. 5
    Bois d'Iris

    Bal a Versailles (when only civet will do - which is surprisingly often)
    Guet Apens
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Lipstick Rose
    Tubereuse Criminelle
    Vol de Nuit
    Black Oudh
    l'Heure Bleue
    Je Reviens
    Violetta di Parma
    Penhaligons Night-Scented Stocks
    Rochas Femme

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    I'm on pare-down mode, 20 bottles have left my collection
    I had so many impulse buys that were neither a BFF or even an occasional crave.

    My BFF list:
    Escada - Collection
    Caron - Farnesiana, Pour Une Femme & Pour Un Homme
    TM - Angel
    Hanae Mori (Butterfly)
    Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue, Vol De Nuit & Mahora
    Creed's Vanisia
    Chanel No.5 & No.22
    Balenciaga Cristobal
    Cacheral Loulou
    Sacrebleu by PdN

    Crave list:
    Joop! Le bain (smells like almond lotion)
    Montale's Intense Tiare
    VWestwood's Boudoir & Anglomania
    CK Obsession
    Versace's blonde

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    AL Gardenia Musk
    AL Love’s True Bluish Light
    AL Madame X
    Bond Coney Island
    Caron Tabac Blond
    Dior Hypnotic Poison
    Dior Poison
    FM Musc Ravageur
    SL Rousse
    TM Angel (extrait)
    TM Garden of Stars Rose Angel


    AL Café Noir
    AL Forbidden Fruits
    AL Rasa
    Creed REL
    Creed VIW
    Guerlain Mitsouko
    SL Ambre Sultan
    SL Chypre Rouge
    SL Miel de Bois
    TM Alien

    Everything else in my wardrobe is either too new/seldom worn for me to figure out where it belongs, or else I’ve decided I don’t care for it all that much.

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    This is a good point. I'm not sure I've really thought about it quite in this way. There are definitely a group of fragrances that I don't wear that often but am loathe to part with because I know I will indeed have an off craving and if I can't satisfy it, I'll be very cranky! My cravings tend to be more seasonal though:

    Fall - Feminite du Bois, L'Air du Desert Marocain, Agent Provocateur, Chanel No 19, Champs Elysees
    Winter - Initial, Opium Pour Homme, Malmasion Carnation, Angel Innocent, Lolita Lempicka, Chanel No 22
    Spring - Winter Delice, Bulgari Pour Femme, Paris
    Summer - Eau de Patou, Manifesto, Fleurs de Citronnier, Acqua di Gio

    Joy, Shalimar, Fracas, PDN Vanille Tonka, Norma Kamali Incense, Shaal Nur, Kai, Coco, Child, Trouble, Quelques Fleurs, Intense Tiare.
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    There are certainly the soulmate scents I love to wear anytime and could never be without, and scents I just crave occasionally. Can't list them all but here are some examples.

    Staples: Angel, Bandit, Black Cashmere, Dzing!, Dzongkha, Eau de Charlotte, Coco, Comme des Garçons EdP, Heure Exquise, Jicky, L'Heure Bleue, Mauboussin, Messe de Minuit, Ormonde, Shalimar, Sublime, Yohji

    Cravers: Magot, Mitsouko, Muscs Koublaï Khan, Mûre et Musc, La Myrrhe, Pink Sugar, Serendipitous, Un Bois Vanille
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Most of my scents are cravings, I'm sad to say. But when I want to slip into something that I KNOW will work, without thinking too hard about it, I go for Mure et Musc Extreme, Fleurs d'Oranger, or Daim Blond.

    Then there are others that I have very specific, very powerful cravings for, such as Narcisse Noir, Passage d'Enfer, and Mitsouko. They're all "mood" scents.

    Favorite Notes:
    Rose, Apricot, Violet, Leather, Iris, Blackberry, Saffron, Musk, Incense

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    The Staples vs Cravings distinction totally rings true for me, too! Here's a few of the winners in each category:

    • Calvin Klein Calvin
    • Creed Bois du Portugal
    • Lorenzo Villoresi Spezie
    • Creed Erolfa
    • Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée
    • Hermès Terre d'Hermès

    • C&S Citrus Paradisi
    • Montale Roses Musk
    • Ava Luxe Café Noir
    • L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe
    • Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman
    • MPG Baïmé
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings


    Staples: Narciso Rodriguez, Chanel No. 5 Sensual Elixir, Kenzo Flower EDP

    Must be in the right mood to crave: Sicily, Kenzo Flower Le Parfum, Nu EDP.

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    As much as I tried, I can't come up with a division other than this one:

    Serge Lutens Chergui, the only scent that I finished a bottle of and promptly replaced.

    all the others. But that does not mean they are less loved.
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    I've been wanting to reply to this thread over the past couple of days, but I was having trouble distinguishing between the craving vs staple. I think that Artisankey has the right idea though, my cravings seem to be seasonal, the staples are more everyday wearable.

    Winter: Angelique Encens, Parfum Sacre, Black Cashmere, Ambre Sultan, Bal a Versailles
    Spring: Voleur des Roses, Apres L'Ondee, Midnight Violets, Joy
    Summer: Parfum Therese, Sous le Vent, Light Blue
    Fall: Bois des Iles, Feminite du bois, Coco, Shalimar, Vol d Nuit
    All seasons cravings: anything leather

    Staples: Farnesiana, Narcisse Blanc, Narcisse Noir, Mitsouko, Tabac Blond, Cuir de Russie, Prada tendre, L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Bois D'Armenie.... ok, yes and anything leather!
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    This is so interesting! It's funny but I've been sort of sublimininally associating many of you with your BFFs...I guess reading your posts daily has ingrained scent associations for me.

    Bois des Iles
    Coco Mademoiselle edt
    Chance edt
    NR For Her edp
    YSL Paris edt
    Patou Sublime
    Patou EnJoy
    En Passant

    Chypre: Comme Une Evidence, Ananas Fizz, YR Rose Absolute
    Sweet: Sira des Indes, Prada, Angel, Hypnotic Poison, Blv Notte, West Side. Tocade, Noa, Chantilly
    Floral: Insolence, L'Ete en douce, Kai, Park Avenue, Pur Desir de Lilas
    Musk: Sage Pearl, Perfect Veil, Amazing Grace, Alma de Alma
    Bedtime: Neonatura Cocoon, Susanne Lang Midnight Orchid, Falling In Love

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    Talking Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Today's craving is tomorrow's staple!
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    Smile Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Hmmm... This is fun! Good idea, Q!


    Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert (and/or Extreme)
    Kenzo Flower EDP
    AA Pamplelune
    Shalimar Light
    Valentino V
    Savannah Gardens


    AA Mentafollia
    Io di Capri

    Kenzo Amour
    Dior Addict
    Kenzo Flower Le Parfum

    Guerlain With Love
    Jo Malone Orange Blossom
    Mandarine Tout Simplement

    Escada Rockin' Rio
    DKNY Be Delicious
    Ellen Tracy Imagine Shimmer
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    Quote Originally Posted by Zibeline View Post
    Today's craving is tomorrow's staple!
    Ah, so. You should write for a fortune cookie producer.

    I like Kotori's reclassification: FAVES vs CRAVES
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    The thing is that as I read down other people's lists, my list of 'ooh! I'd forgotten about that' gets longer.

    But I always know what my faves are:
    Summer - Jicky
    Winter - Vol de Nuit
    Year-round - Iris Poudre and L'Eau d'Hiver depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing

    Cravings... include but aren't limited to:
    Un Jardin en Mediterranee - in hot weather
    Pampelune - also when it's really hot
    Clarins Eau Resourcante - when I'm travelling and/or stressed
    L'Heure Bleue - right now! In cooler, autumnal weather
    Opium - for nights out or when I want to feel powerful
    Coco - ditto
    Virgin Island Water - all this summer!
    CSP Vanille Coco - for a snuggly vanilla hot-water-bottle feeling
    L'Occitaine Neroli edp - the rich, oriental one
    French supermarket eau de cologne - to feel clean and fresh on really super-hot days (alternatively O de Lancome)
    YSL Nu edp - smoky incense cool elegance

    I love many othersas well, but these are ones I've gone out of my way to get hold of a full bottle of. I've recently ordered a bottle of Bandit in the hope that it will join them as a staple 'craver'. I think this winter may be leathery. It's interesting to look at this list and see how the items on it almost all fall into two categories - rich orientals and refreshing hot weather scents. I think I'll have to challenge myself more and try a wider variety of things.
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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    In my admittedly uneducated world - faves tend to be fragrances that I can wear without thinking too hard. Craves are fragrances that I want to wear by name and dig through my collection to find.

    That said, here are mine (please don't laugh at my uneducated and unsophisticated nose)

    - Philosophy Falling in Love
    - CSP Vanille Amande
    - Dior Hypnotic Poison
    - Crazylilbellue and the Poppies Vanille Macaroon

    Craves (to date)
    - KM Gourmandises
    - Crazylilbellue and the Poppies Ensence Mystic
    - CdG Avignon
    - Montale Sweet Oriental Dream
    - Montale Blue Amber
    - Montale Vanille Absolu
    - Ava Luxe Palisander
    - Ava Luxe Ambre Tibet
    - Ava Luxe Turkish Vanilla
    - Pilar and Lucy - Tiptoeing....
    - Dior - Dior Addict

    I have a feeling that as I get more experience in perfume and scents that some Craves will become Faves and more Craves will appear.

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings

    I'm just going to pick 1 of each from my wardrobe:

    Staple: Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens
    Craving: Private Collection by Estee Lauder (parfum)
    Currently wearing: Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

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    Default Re: Staples versus Cravings


    L'Homme Sage
    Musc Ravageur
    Eau d'Hermes
    Fou d'Absinthe
    Santal Noble

    Cravings/Special Moods:

    Carnal Flower
    French Lover
    Patou pour Homme
    Knize Ten
    Black Aoud
    Nuit Noire
    Tubereuse Criminelle

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