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    Default mix your own nail polish

    if you go to the cosmetic section of a department store, you can find tons of different nail polish, but they all seem to be shades of red and pink, mostly with some glitter or pearl effect.

    im bored to death! i also hate the glitter/pearl stuff.
    so im trying to find a way to create my own nail polish.

    mixing nail polish isnt really a solution. its difficult to do, the glitter stays, and the results arent very good.

    so i tried acrylic paint. didnt stick to the nails, came off very soon.

    so i used acrylic paint, let it dry, and put some transparent nail polish over it. that works ok, but it takes ages to get done and still doesnt last very long.

    next ill try using the transparent nail polish first and then putting the acrylic paint over it. ill let you know how that works out.

    has anybody else tried to make his/her own nail polish? what works, what doesnt? please share!

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    Default Re: mix your own nail polish

    I've only ever mixed nail polish. I made a very nice purple back before it hit the mainstream in my rural area. I would think it would help to apply a base coat, your acrylic color of choice, and then a top coat just like a regular manicure.

    What colors are you after?
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    Default Re: mix your own nail polish

    I use are mixed mixed nail polish, the bottom of the bright lines, the top are taken through when colorless nail polish, combined with cheap uv nail lamp quick drying.

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