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    Wink Re: I have Sécrétions Magnifiques on my Arm!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    I agree. However, for a while there, Comme des Garcons was the epitome of irony in fragrance. Now with Play, the Luxe series...they're not so anymore, but let's face it: Odeur 53 is irony in a bottle.
    But, CdG is Japanese.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: I have Sécrétions Magnifiques on my Arm!

    I ordered a small decant of Secretions Maagnifiques from The Perfumed Court and I was incredibly excited about trying this scent which has gotten such strong reactions from Basenoters (and Luca Turin also).

    I sprayed on twice (both on the same arm) around sometime in the evening - at the end of my day.

    The initial top notes smelled, for about ten seconds, like a highly chlorinated swimming pool - you know that nostril searing smell that chlorine (or bleach for that matter) gives off when it's in a body of water. My initial thought was...oh this isn't that bad. How wrong I was.

    The next notes that emerged (quickly) were exactly what the official notes listed by Etat Libre d'Orange are: blood, something thick and viscuous [milky] and Ruggles impression: wet dog. It was an incredible and unbelievably wretched smell! The impression of standing, dank and dirty water came back and forth. The blood note was wet. To keep from getting sick to my stomach, I started washing the dishes in my kitchen (hot water, dishwashing soap, lots of suds...) and the nauseousness calmed down a little. I could almost 'taste' the smell. I felt like I was literally holding a bloody wet dog in my arms, standing in a dirty swimming pool. With perhaps milk being poured over my head.

    After about 5 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore (my mouth was watery with saliva...I was really having a strong physical revulsion to the scent) I scrubbed and scrubbed with soap and the smell finally died down enough for me to only smell it if I sniffed my skin close (this stuff LASTS AND LASTS). The next morning I could still smell it on the arm where I scrubbed it off.

    Funny thing: I just did a swap with another Basenoter and they included a small vial of SM in with all of the other samples, for me to try - since they know I like the strange stuff. I giggled when I saw the SM we go again, I thought. I was not going to dare try it again...but one of the other samples in the package was in a little plastic sleeve and the sleeve perhaps had gotten a little SM on it, because I got the smell instantly as soon as I brought it to my nose. Ick! I promptly replaced the vial in a new clean sleeve. But still for the next couple hours I could faintly detect the SM on my fingers.

    You've been warned!

    If anyone would like to try this, please PM me - I'll send you the decant I bought.
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    Wink Re: I have Sécrétions Magnifiques on my Arm!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    On the 2nd day of wearing SM, I'm begining to think of Milk Weed.
    It's pure "lactovit" metallic and seaweedy hehe
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