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    Default What are you favorite notes?

    For me Lavender, Ambergris, and Incense.

    For my Lavender fix I love the top notes in Bois du Portugal (my very favorite fragrace)

    Ambergris I love Ambre Sultan (a close second)

    And my incense would have to go to Passage D'Enfer

    I would love to get my hands on a bottle of Encens et Lavande, as I belive it to be filled with all of these! (I have yet to smell it, so correct me if I am wrong)

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    You'll love Encens et Lavande!

    My fave notes are: amber, bergamot, castoreum, cedarwood, cistus labdanum, civet, clove, cocoa, coffee, galbanum, immortelle, incense, iris, jasmine, lavender, mandarin (peel), musk, oakmoss, opoponax, orange blossom, patchouli, pepper, rose, sandalwood, tea, tobacco, vanilla, vetiver, woods...
    Not in the same scent, though.
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Coniferous notes are my personal favorites - pines, cedars, junipers, cypresses, spruces, firs, etc.

    So Creed Epicea and Trumper Wellington, Halston Z-14/1-12, Lanvin Oxygene (a good aquatic, very dry) and Versace Green Jeans are definite favorites. If only Demeter Fraser Fir had a hint more oomph...short but refreshing.

    And I admit it...I like Pino Silvestre. I shunned it for some time but the other day it really shocked me - very green, eminently refreshing and long-lasting. A fluke? I hope not.

    Can't wait to try Blenheim Bouquet, I hear it's the promised land for pine freaks.
    Loves of Late: Agua Lavanda, Eau Sauvage, Gendarme, Guerlain Vetiver, Guerlain EdC Imperiale, Ivoire de Balmain, Kenzo PH, Mitsouko, Royall Lyme, Tabac Original

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Vetiver, Sandalwood, other woody notes, Lavender, Citrus, Incense.
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    vetiver, mahagony, blackcurrant leaf/bud, cinnamon, teak, tea, birch, plum

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    Thumbs up Re: What are you favorite notes?

    I'll limit it to five, listing all I enjoy in some context would be pointless and would take time.

    Agarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Iris and Leather.

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Sandalwood, incense, mace/nutmeg, lavender, neroli, hesperides.
    But the real beauty lies in the blending and so I adore a rose note or white flowers when blended with citrus, woods, or incense (as in Caraceni, Sandalo, Sandringham, Maxim's, Acqua di Parma, and many other favorites of mine)

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    My top five favorites are vanilla, amber, heliotrope, leather and incense notes.
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    For me--vanilla, tonka bean, lavender, anise, vetiver and several types of wood.
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Patchouli, clove, cumin, honey, civet, incense, palmarosa, carnation, pepper (any variety), castoreum, guaicwood, cedarwood, rum, cistus labdanum, galbanum, benzoin, neroli, iris, leather, jasmine, lavender, orange, musk, oakmoss, myrrh, lemon, amber, opoponax, rose (any variety), sandalwood, tea, tobacco (any form), vanilla, vetiver
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    For me it would be Tonka, Clary Sage, woods, vanilla and lavender

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Cinnamon, violet, rose, incense and mint

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Jasmine (even though I haven't found a suitable jasmine dominant cologne yet), White Musk, Vetiver, Citrus Notes, Water Lily, Chocolate (white too), and vanilla.

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Simple and classic for me:
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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Labdanum, incense resins, precious woods, violet, green notes
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?


    Probably leather, amber, opopanax, cardamom, castoreum, civet, frankincense, sandalwood, lotus, musk, and believe it or not, tuberose.

    Least favorites, by the way, are chocolate, coffee, almond, and basil.

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    Default Re: What are you favorite notes?

    Citrus: Bergamot/Yuzu/Lime
    Floral: Lotus/Jasmine/Geranium/Broom (Genest/Genista)
    Herbal: Clary Sage/Verveine (Verbena)/Oregano/Myrtle
    Woods: Rosewood/Wintergreen/Birch/Patchouli/Cedar
    Resins: Ambergris/Amber/Myrrh
    Roots: Violet

    I wish I knew more about synthetics to list specific names. I do know I like Iso Super-e which is a major component of Cartier's Déclaration.
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