Hey guys,

I've been using the TIGI brand Power Trip product for ages. I don't use colognes or acne creams or anything else on my head when I go to bed, but lately I have been noticing that my sheets, all non-white, have been showing signs that they've been bleached in various places. I had assumed that it was from the face products my wife uses at night, but we marked the tags on the pillows inside the pillow cases so that we know who's is who's and it's mine that have the issues. I know that we haven't actually spilled bleach on any of these things, since it appears to be on nearly every pillow case we have (we rotate through a bunch). Any way, just wanted to know if anyone else used this stuff and had seen the issue. Usually I will rub or brush out the "hardness" from my hair before hitting the sack, as I shower in the morning before work, not at night. Maybe I need to start washing my hair at night too to prevent ruining our nice bed linens.