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    Default LaCroix Rouge (Avon fragrance)

    Well finally got the chance to try this one.
    Quite a few bottles are on ebay UK at the moment too at a really good price.

    This is a a WINNER.

    Starts with a citrus feel and then turns soapy before settling into a soft woody floral.
    Rich and luxurious feeling. Can I say I thought of Parfum Sacre only deeper floral/spice/woods going on.

    My Avon lady said it has been flying out and Avon have been offering a gift worth 35 with each bottle bought so many have been buying from Avon online. A number of ladies on another site I am a member of (not perfume) have been buying blind and loving it.

    Yes I have ordered a bottle.

    The Noir is not out yet and all the adverts are for both fragrances. A big TV campagne and online ads too.
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    Default Re: LaCroix Rouge (Avon fragrance)

    I've been wondering about this one. Thanks for the encouraging review, I think I might just take a punt on it...
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