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    Default Lauren Hutton Mineral Make-Up

    I figured the womens could use beauty items in their room - looks like a good deal Seems worthwhile if they will actually ship beauty item - anyone else done this before?

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    Default Re: Lauren Hutton Mineral Make-Up

    We can buy it on in the US and you can read reviews of her makeup on that website, if you like, it gets good feedback and I'd like to try it sometime. People on Ebay sell it too, I think. I wear Bare Escentuals mineral makeup and hardly ever use any of it up, because it lasts so long, so it's hard to justify buying something new. I probably won't until next spring, even though you just *tempted me again* bringing it up.

    (I was reading reviews and one lady said she is using Colorescience Minerals in conjunction with Lauren's Face Disk. Those are sold at, fyi.)
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