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Thread: Creed in the UK

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    Just a tipoff for anyone who didn't know and makes the same mistake I did! I ordered some samples of Creed as I hadn't seen them anywhere. But, and I don't know how I missed this 3 times, they have loads in John Lewis. Boy are they ever nice

    GIT had the elements of Coolwater and Curve that earns them universal cheap knockoff status. I got some Coolwater at the beginning but more Curve. it really is very green, more so than Curve but without the citrus. I don't think I'd spend out 6 times the amount for the Creed on this occasion, especially seen as they're probably both as rare as one another here.

    With MI I most definitely will be paying for the privelege. With this on one arm and the infamous knock off that is SJ on the other, it was clear you have very similar topnotes. But the drydown of the MI was infinitely better. Looking forward to trying the likes of SMW, Erolfa, BdP and so on tomorrow
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    Yes, you MUST try Bois de Portugal. It's on a totally different planet than MI, but SO wonderful. Let me know what you think of it after your sniff test!

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