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    Default Is there always such a difference?

    Hi everyone

    Today for the first time I had a chance to try a fragrance in its EDT and pure perfume forms at the same time. I have Caron's Nuit de Noel EDT on my left wrist and the extrait de parfum on my right wrist, and I cannot believe the difference between the two! I always thought an EDT was basically a weaker version of a fragrance, but with this one I honestly don't think my (admittedly inexperienced) nose would identify them as being the same scent at all. The EDT seems to be completely dominated by some kind of cloying, powdery note that almost reminds me of bath salts or bath cubes. The extrait on the other hand (quite literally) is sublimely smooth, deep, spicy and subtle and I can't stop lifting my wrist to my face to take another noseful. It's just wonderful.

    I'm wondering now, is there always such a difference? And if so, why are do so few perfumes seem to be available as extrait? I think I would rather save up and get the real deal and be content to have fewer fragrances in my wardrobe. I can only imagine what my favourite out of the scents in my small wardrobe – Apres l'Ondee – must be like in extrait form. Oh my!


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    Default Re: Is there always such a difference?

    Sometimes there is a difference and sometimes I do prefer the pure perfume, but other times, I like the lighter, sheerer eau de toilettes. It really depends on the fragrance. I have the EDT of Apres L'Ondee and that is plenty strong and beautiful enough for me.

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    Default Re: Is there always such a difference?

    Is there always a difference? No.
    Why do some perfumes seem to be available as extrait? Many different reasons: The manufacturer makes them available because the non extrait are best sellers and they want to make more money; the manufacturer wants to offer the scent in different price ranges to appeal to luxury and nonluxury consumers; the extrait sometimes is only produced in a limited amount and once they're gone the only version on the market available is the non-extrait; etc...

    Most of the time, the extrait is 'better', but I think you will find that this is a generalization. There are a few scents, where the EDT or EDP is 'better' to your nose than the extrait/parfum. This could be due to skin chemistry, the scent itself, climate, application (how much you apply), etc. Of course, most manufacturers and salespeople will never tell you this - they will always say that the extrait is 'better' (they're paid to say this).
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    Default Re: Is there always such a difference?

    Hi Jellyfish

    I noticed difference too, but never tried like you did today.
    What I did befor was put on perfume in the mornings and later on the day sprayed the same smell edt over it again and the perfume will come up again.
    Lately I use only spray edt or edp cause it is easyer and faster in use, have 2 perfumes in tiny bottles, not sprays, and do not care so much to put it on with my fingers.
    Need to do it with very clean fingers or the perfume in the bottle will turn bad.
    I like to switch fragrances a lot and sprays are handy and cheeper.

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