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    Default Floral success and failures...

    I got my decant of Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere yesterday, and on the whole I'm going to profess disappointment. It is very light, no wonder it is sold in a 5oz bottle. It seems like a new trend of fragrances that are so light there is almost nothing there. Once it dries down and warms up on the skin the smoothly blended floral heart finally opens up with a touch of what was promised in the magazine scent strip, the body of which reminds one of the classic No 5. The sillage is very soft, again barely there. The floral stage decays into a powdery, dry vanilla. Overall, it is a powdered clean fragrance, an "Eau de Hygeine" (as Serpent puts it) with more of a fresh talc post-barbershop aura than the floor cleaner fresh of most current clean fragrances. Not just a freshedly washed clean, but a powdered and finished clean.

    While I've pretty much given up on iris, I also got a sample of Prada's Infusion d'Iris. Very straightfoward, silken iris. Less rooty than I remember Hiris being (a dim memory at best). It is very linear, lacking the metallic sparkle or depth of something like L'Homme Coeur. While I can pick up some of the vanilla basenote from the sample vial, it completely disappears on my skin.

    My one real success thus far was the discovery of Mitchum's Rosepetal antiperspirant, a beautifully rendered rose soliflore. The dewey rose scent doesn't last for the entire day, but it does retain the 24 hours+ protection typical of Mitchum.

    Still waiting for Carnal Flower, Tuberose Gardenia and others...

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    Default Re: Floral success and failures...

    Success = Hermes Equipage, Dior Homme, and L'Homme de Coeur
    Failure = Trumper's Sandalwood Cologne, Chanel no 5

    Looks like you're about to have a lot more experience with Florals than I do.
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