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    Default Changes at Diptyque

    The ever-friendly folks in the San Francisco Diptyque shop tipped me off that the current bottles of all their room sprays are being phased out to make way for larger -- and correspondingly pricier -- ones. This could be good news (larger bottles usually mean a lower price-per-ounce) or bad (larger bottles may force you to purchase more than you plan to use). Anyway, heads up...
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    Default Re: Changes at Diptyque

    Snap! The new bottles are already available in London for £32 (and they look much better than the older bottles - all of which, confusingly, consisted of at least three different spray mechanisms). Since the 100ml bottles cost £22 (£25 for Galliano), it may turn out to be better value for money (provided they haven't reformulated them for the worse).

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