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Thread: Minotaure.

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    After reading the latest thread on Minotaure I have become interested in trying this.Some say it is similar to Nicole Miller for men & Roma.I have not seen this scent in any shops over here for a long time.I take it this is discontinued.Can anyone who uses Minotaure please give me feedback on the scent.What`s it like?Has it got good sillage & longevity.The last time i tested this is many years ago,when it came out.
    Many thanks!
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    I've worn it for a long time. Roma is similar,but not as good.

    I think it is excellent. Longevity,projection and development are all fine.

    You can find it easily in France,less so in the UK.

    I think that I am the only person who finds it similar to Creed's REL,by the way.

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    Hey Frank06,

    Minotaure is one of my faves.
    It starts with a burst of sparkling bitter orange but quickly subsides into a geranium/herbaceous softness... a short while later, beautiful leather notes emerge which last a long while.
    It is similar to Roma, but I feel Minotaure has more body to it.
    You can buy it on
    I freaking adore this scent.

    You can also read my review here:


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