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    Talking Suggestions please!

    My Mother has just offered to bring me back some duty free perfume when she visits France and Germany next year, so I was wondering what you would suggest I put on the list as must haves?

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    Well, depends what you like. One woman's Poison is another woman's poison.

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    Warm,spicy,but not too heavy perfumes.

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    Have you tried Shalimar (Guerlain)?
    I'll be honest - I'm not so good on the mainstream scents...I'm mainly a niche girl. I think you'd enjoy a lot of Serge Lutens fragrances but you'll not find them in a duty free unfortunately.

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    This sounds like a good excuse to sniff in store or buy/swap for a boodle of samples and come up with a list of candidates for your mom to watch for. Lately I've been re-enamored with Boucheron Femme (in edp or parfum form), so I'll throw that idea out there.
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