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    Question Escentric 01 copycat

    Almost a mont ago I had ordered some testers from Lucky Scents. One of them is a set of Escentric Molecules. Escentric 01 is exactly the same fragrance from Turkey which was sold at the second half of the 80's. It was called Malabadi. As most of the Turkish fragrances at that time were copycats of well-known brands like Alein Delon, YSL Kouros, CD Santos and so on. Because of that I have never gave it a try, but once I discovered it by a friend and I liked it very much. It was one of my favourite fragrance then. Pity that it is discontinued. I have never found out if it was a copycay of a well-known fragrance or not because I have never come across a well-known fragrance which smelt the same. I still think that it was a copycat of a well-known fragrance from the mid 80's or the second half of 80's. Does Escnetric 01 reminds any member a fragrance from the past almost like a copycat of it?

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    Calvin Klein's Eternity for men was very popular at the end of the 80s (it was introduced in 1989, a little later than the timeframe you mention). Like Escentric 01, Eternity is loaded with the synthetic molecule Iso E Super. So that would be my guess, not having sniffed Escentric 01.
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