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    Default Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle

    I am a huge fan of Vetiver and Vetver Extreme and have wondered why it took so long for Guerlain to release a feminine version of the scent. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this one and wondered if anyone has any experience with it yet.

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    Default Re: Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle

    A perfumista from another board kindly brought some back from Paris for me about a year ago. I love vetiver - clean and crisp. This one has a soft, floral component - some people think it's a little too soft. I love it and I love Guerlain for creating it. It should be available stateside very soon - I thought this Fall or Winter.

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    Default Re: Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle

    I think it's very nice. It would be too soft if you really liked the richest, earthiest of vetivers. As of late I've been exploring its facets, and Vetiver Pour Elle was my first vetiver. It's a beautiful everyday fragrance; I certainly see its feminine qualities but a man could easily wear it.

    Now my embarrassing confession...I've never tried the men's version. I just got a sample so I better get on it. However, I hope they don't charge outrageous prices for the women's when it gets here.

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    Default Re: Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle

    You've never tried the regular Guerlain Vetiver? Or do you mean there is a new, separate "Vetiver pour homme" as a match to the new "pour femme" that you haven't tried?

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    Default Re: Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle

    Oh, I'm sorry! Yes, I meant that I've never tried the classic, original Vetiver that's marketed toward men (but worn by many women). I'm exploring vetivers more now, so I better crack open that sample. Sorry for the confusion.

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