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    Default Bogart Pour Homme

    Wow!! I had this one stuck in the far corner of my drobe. Then today I took it out of it's box. Probably the first time in 6 months or so that it's even been touched. I had mostly forgotten about it-tucked away in it's little dark corner, hoping one day to see sunlight again. Anyway....I decided to give it a spray-ya know, just to remember how it smelled. Wow, I'm blown away! I cant believe that I kept this thing stuck back in the back. Nice and sweet, tobacco, spices! Whats not to love? Anyone else love this gem? As I recall it is pretty affordable. Everyone should give this one a try! Just in time for winter!!

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    Default Re: Bogart Pour Homme

    I love Furyo and am ga-ga about Witness. Couldn't care less about One Man Show, as it's interesting, but practically takes my breath away with its strength/sillage.

    Never tried Bogart pour Homme, though. Readily available?
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    Default Re: Bogart Pour Homme

    Thrax, im so glad you discovered one of my holy grails, if not THE holy grail for me.
    I've been singing this sleeper's praises for a while now on BN.
    Great stuff, ain't it?
    Quote Originally Posted by tvlampboy View Post

    Never tried Bogart pour Homme, though. Readily available?
    Not only is it readily available, you can find it pretty cheap online, too.

    Bogart PH is probably the top compliment-getter in my arsenal. I kid you not, a lady at work once told me that it smells "erotic".
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    Default Re: Bogart Pour Homme

    Its good stuff.
    I love the spiciness.

    It doesnt last very long on me though, about 6hrs.

    I picked up 2 X 30 ml of this and 1X 30 ml of Furyo at a flea market for a total of about $15.!!!!!

    Its got so much character. I cant believe its so hard to find now.

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    Default Re: Bogart Pour Homme

    It has character, for sure. I just found it so overwhelmingly pipe-tobacco-sweet upon first trying it that my box has also remained tucked away. This will have to wait for a very frosty day. As a whole, I still maintain that Bogart is an underrated house.btw. I read where Bogart owns the license for Balenciaga as well.

    Update: they owned Balenciaga between 1986 and 2001 (including what was left of the fashion line), selling off to Gucci, and they still own Ted Lapidus (frag&fashion), Chevignon (frags) and the Piaubert & Stendhal cosmetics lines.
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    Default Re: Bogart Pour Homme

    Bogart PH, I love it, great scent, soft and warm. On me it has a LOOOOONG life and great sillage, though I would not say it is offensive in any way, because it is not aggressive of sharp.
    Always Love Bogart house. Original Bogart, One Man Show, PH. And they all last with great sillage. I had Fresh but only one I am not impressed with sillage and lasting. Witness- can not decide if I love it or not, but definitely too much cinnamon for me.

    I want to check Furyo, Force Majeure but can not find samples, but buying blind seems riscky, taking into account high price tag.

    BTW Have any body tried new Bogart PH Silver? How does it compared to PH?

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