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    Question Identifying notes.

    I figured this would be the best place to ask.

    I am looking to expand my education and my nose. There are certain scents / scent types that I am having a hard time identifying when I test perfumes.

    So what scent would best represent the following notes?

    - Hyacinth
    - Lily
    - Lilac
    - Ambergris
    - Labdanum
    - Leather
    - Vetiver

    Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to your responses.

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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    Perhaps the best (and cheapest) way of getting acquainted with single notes is by getting a few milliliters of pure essential oil. The difficulty with many notes, however, is that there is no single smell - e.g. Haitian and Javan Vetiver are quite different, not to speak of various treatments that can shape the original substance (there was a good thread on this regarding neroli in the men's forum). That said, my perfume suggestions would be:

    - Ambergris: Creed Ambre Cannelle, the purest there is, perhaps even non-synthetic
    - Labdanum: Valentino, Vendetta pour homme
    - Leather: Aigner In Leather for a straightforward, no-nonsene smell of leather; Andy Tauer's Lonestar for a birch-tar (Russian) leather; Creed Royal English Leather for a sweet leather, Trumper's Spanish Leather;
    - Vetiver: Villoresi's Vetiver for a direct harsh (beautiful) vetiver; Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire for a subtler rendition.

    Can't help you on the florals.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    Lily = Lily by Comme des Garcons (Series 1)
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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    if you have a chance to visit a frag counter with both versace's dreamer and dior diorissimo and u can test them both at once, the common note will be lily (of the valley), its very easy to pick out there

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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    As anyone who has sampled Highland Lilac will tell you, it is the gold standard. Many of us have gotten samples from At this very moment, their website is not functioning for me, but you can read about the inspiration for this exceptional solifore via the website about the Highland Lilac Festival of Rochester, N.Y.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    Lilac can also be found in En Passant by Frederic Malle.
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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    For true lily (Lilium sp.), as opposed to lily-of-the-valley (which is no relation), sniff Un Lys, from Serge Lutens. Several modern Creed scents, including Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, and Tabarome Millesime, have a distinct ambergris drydown.

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    Default Re: Identifying notes.

    You all are SO AWESOME!!!! More recommendations still welcome, but I am going to process what you all gave me and let you know the strategy I come up with.

    The Good Life - I like your idea of getting essential oils. I noticed that DSH has a couple of sample collections - many of which allow you to choose single-note essences. I may take advantage of that, since I suspect that the stuff purchased at head shops and health food stores are not necessarily accurate assessments of the note I seek. I am probably speaking out my ass when I say that so PLEASE correct me if I'm off base or if you have other recommendations.

    Mikeperez23, Quarry, smellyliquid, Vibert and the good life - I'm also going to explore your recommendations as a comparison for what different perfumers do to the same note. I've had a chance to read your posts and reviews over the past few months and am impressed by your breadth of knowledge.

    Again, thank you so much for taking the time to help a complete noob.

    More recommendations highly welcome.

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