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    Default aggressive oriental

    So my current fave is Caron's Yatagan - realy hyped up 70's power scent. I'd like to find something with a similar feel, but spicy/oriental rather than herbal/mossy.

    I've got Opium pour Homme; while it's got a lot of sillage I'd like something less sweet with brasher middle notes.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Jean Pascal pour homme, think of a mix of Yatagan and Opium with rougher edges than Yatagan and less sweet than Opium ph.

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    You may want to try Bogart's One Man Show, more than three sprays are known to have killed people. Almost as cheap as bug repellent on the net, too. It's not an oriental proper, though many of the notes are:

    Top note : Bergamot, Rosewood, Galbanum, Basil
    Middle note : Rose, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Insence
    Base note : Cedarwood, Sandal, Labdanum, Castoreum

    Anyway, if you like really powerful stuff, this is for you.

    For topnotch powerful orientals, nothing beats Serge Lutens. Ambre Sultan would be my suggestion. And you've seen the thread about Montale's 50% discount sale. Plenty of orientals there, too, if you're willing to buy blind.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Aramis - the original

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Ooh, I love challenging orientals! How about M7, Rebellius, Havana (not a true oriental, but close), Musc Ravageur (sweet and sexy), Ambre Sultan, Muscs Koublai Khan (the Yatagan of orientals), or perhaps the ultimate: Nuit Noire (pure raunch with an oriental/musk base)?

    Patou por Homme would surely fit the bill, but it's next-to-impossible to get hold of. Want some leather and booze with your oriental? Try Idole de Lubin.
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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Don't forget Caron's own 3rd Man, and give Trussardi Uomo a try.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    BALENCIAGA POUR HOMME -- if you can find it.

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Cant have a discussion about orientals without a mention for Jaipur!
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Fragonard Reve Indien

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentronic View Post
    Cant have a discussion about orientals without a mention for Jaipur!
    I agree in principle, but I hardly find Jaipur "agressive." Suave, and a little bit sensuous, is more like it.

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    Talking Re: aggressive oriental

    Quote Originally Posted by Vibert View Post
    Want some leather and booze with your oriental? Try Idole de Lubin.

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    Default Re: aggressive oriental

    It's hard to find something oriental that genuinely feels like Yatagan. Balenciaga Pour Homme is a spicy, less sweet oriental with a good deal of edge. It's a large fragrance, impeccable and refined with possibly the finest incense/patchouli accord in existence. Patou Pour Homme shares a good bit of the feel with its herbs, spices and wood. It's classified as a woody oriental but wears like a chypre. It's significantly herbal and mossy. Like Yatagan, it contains a lot of castoreum. Muscs Koublaï Khän has some of the feel but is substantially animalic and on some people can smell like a barnyard animal, far moreso than the castoreum in Yatagan. It lacks the wood of Yatagan. MKK's a superb fragrance, cerebral and evocative. You should have it. Santal de Mysore is an extremely spicy woody oriental, sweet but wearable with benzoin and balsam rather than vanilla and/or amber. It's a great one that recalls some of the exotic feel of Yatagan. Arabie is also excellent, massively spicy, sweet but in a wearable way, no amber or vanilla

    You should also try Domenico Caraceni. Not an oriental, but along with Yatagan it's one of the few fragrances I wear with any consistency. It's entirely unique, masculine and not understood by looking at notes or reviews. The main accord is a woody-herbaceous petitgrain, mild rose, slightly soapy geranium, smooth tobacco, a balsamic, smoky cypress and sensual benzoin with an incense note not unlike that found in Avignon. It's tenacious with sublime sillage, and has a drydown to rival anything out there. It's a phenomenal fragrance, heavily evocative, with as much panache as almost everything out there combined.


    I forgot to add JHL. One of the best ever made. A spicy, less sweet oriental with a rustic, focused, cerebral character whic is often liked by those who like Yatagan. It's eminently wearable and has always been one of my absolute favorites.
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