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    Default BBC TV - jasmine/Grasse/Polge

    BBC TV news story on jasmine fragrance extraction in Grasse. It was on this morning (I was having a well-deserved lie in, but darling wife says the clip was used in a discussion about branding and celebrity endorsement versus traditional houses/ingredients)

    The clip is a joy if you've always wanted to see Jacque Polge in a pair of lime green slacks (and the shirt ...!)

    Hope the link works - its the 'scent of succes in France' clip
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    Default Re: BBC TV - jasmine/Grasse/Polge

    Is jasmine from grasse really that superior? Almost every top tier niche house uses moroccan or indian jasmine.

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    Default Re: BBC TV - jasmine/Grasse/Polge

    Thanks it was interesting

    I once read that nowadays Grasse is a mythe. Perfumes are made using synthetics or natural Jasmine from the other countries (Egypt, India)
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