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    Default Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    perfume bracelet how to?

    I'll elaborate slightly so you know what this is about and you don't think I'm crazy (well craz *ier*!)
    I made this bracelet because I have fair skin, and perfume, especially non synthetics, fade on me faster than on most people. I noticed that if I apply perfume to a scarf it lasts for days and days, especially if it's cotton. Anyway I had some thick cotton string and I made the first bracelet. I added a drop of perfume to each knot and wore it. the knots allowed the perfume to press against my warm wrist but the cotton meant that the perfume lasted all night and into the next day and even the next. They are biodegradable too or washable if you feel so inclined.

    Here is how to make one:

    Thick cotton string (see photo links)
    and Scissors

    1. Measuring: Take one end of the string and hold it between the thumb
    and fore finger of the right hand. (left if you are left handed) Pull
    the string down to the elbow twice.
    (Basically the string you need is twice as long as the length from the
    tip of your middle finger to your elbow)

    3. Cut: Cut the string.

    3. Fold: Hold the string in the center and fold in it in two.

    4. 1st Knot: Make your first knot allowing a loop of 5mm wide (see photo

    5. Subsequent knotting: Line the right side of the thumb of your right
    hand up against the first knot. Tie the second knot and line it up with
    the left side of your thumb. Continue until you have seven knots tied.
    For larger sizes tie 8 knots still using your thumb as a guide.

    6: To wear: Wrap the bracelet around the wrist of your left hand, or
    right hand if you are left handed. Push the last knot you tied through
    the loop. You may pull another knot through the loop if you wish to
    tighten the bracelet or have the perfume in closer contact with your

    If you made the loop too big the bracelet may become undone. Experiment
    with a few until you get it right. When you are happy with the size,
    make a bunch of bracelets.

    To use just place a few drops of your perfume on each knot of the bracelet and wear. The perfume will last for days, even perfumes that normally have a short life will last on these bracelets for days.
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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    A modern take on the scented handkerchief women used to carry. Interesting.
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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    Exactly! Young girls love these. They don't suit everyone, and might look sort of "hippy". They do suit anybody who can't wear metal jewelery. I never heard of the cotton scented handkerchief but I expect that it had the same purpose of making perfume last longer and also waved around one could create diffusion. This all probably died out as a result of synthetic perfumes having more diffusive power and better longevity.

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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    I think it died out around the time disposable tissues were invented.

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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    Excellent idea - you should consider contributing this to

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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    Very good idea indeed! I'll try to make one at home. Though it really looks a bit "hippy"

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    Default Re: Cotton Perfume Bracelet: How TO?

    I know it does looks hippy. But it's useful when trying out a fragrance, and it makes even the shortest lived fragrance last ages and ages.
    I was thinking of making one for my dog, I think it might work as a flea collar if I used some repellent perfume, like joop! lol

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