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Thread: Arabian Lines

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    Default Arabian Lines

    Any suggestions on where to begin with any of the below Arabian Lines?
    Perhaps selecting your favorite 2 or 3 houses and 1 frag from each house?
    Thanks in advance.
    PS I have tried Black Oud from Montale (Very nice - but was quite the show of rose on my skin)

    Al Haramain
    Al Rehab
    Arabian Oud
    Montale Paris
    Saffron Motia
    Swiss Arabian

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    Default Re: Arabian Lines

    Get Fajer by Arabian Oud. It is amazing.

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    if you really want something good id say on the high level offerings by Al Haramain.. I know theyre like nearing 1000$ a bottle but its FANTASTIC stuff. TOTALLY worth it.

    ajmal has some okay things but stay away from their ouds, just buy unbranded ebay ouds because you pay alot for the ajmal name and they smell kinda crappy.. like 40$ on ebay will get you what costs 100$ from ajmal
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    Default Re: Arabian Lines

    I have had good luck with Arabian Oud and Ajmal.
    You are not your perfume.

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    I've had a good experience with Arabian Oud too - they're very helpful, and if you go to one of their stores they'll happily let you sniff your way through their whole range.

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    Default Re: Arabian Lines

    Hey Nicholas V,
    Which frag do you suggest from each of those lines?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolas V View Post
    I have had good luck with Arabian Oud and Ajmal.

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    Default Re: Arabian Lines

    Rasasi have an excellent range of perfume oils and sprays with all kinds of variations and permutations... and very affordable too ! The following I enjoy : Jaish, Arba Wardat, Oud Mumaiz. There decant perfumes are also quite good and worth a try.

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