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    Which note is it that gives out the really clean soapy smell as in Clean men (Dlish), Paco Rabanne etc ?

    Thanks in advance
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    I really don't think there's one note that does it. To me, "soapy" means frags that remind one of various soaps that they've smelled in the past. For example, Gendarme & Mugler Cologne remind me of luxury soaps that can be found @ nice hotels, or "guest soaps" that one can buy to snazz up their bathroom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deck89 View Post
    Which note is it that gives out the really clean soapy smell as in Clean men (Dlish), Paco Rabanne etc ?

    Thanks in advance
    There's literally hundreds of single notes (usually man-made chemicals) that can give a soapy clean smell.
    A lot of them can pass as ozonic or marine notes as well.
    Most of these soapy ones also have a fatty hint to it too.
    Some can also have a certain flowery feel too.
    There are many variants.

    As for the specific notes of Clean Men or Paco Rabanne (which one did you mean btw?), i don't really know...

    Decyl methyl Ether
    Dimethyl Octanol
    the list can go on and on...

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    Prada Amber men is very soapy to me.

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    Default Re: Soapy..

    Agree with castorpollux - who knows? It's not a paticular 'note' that gives Clean it's 'clean' note, but more likely a bunch of molecules...

    Click on the button above that says Search and enter the word 'soapy' and you'll find tons of threads where we discuss 'soapy' fragrances that we love (and hate) here.

    I tend to generally dislike soap notes in fragrances, unless of course, it's a fresh, clean fragrance that is using the soap note as part of a general theme. One that comes to mind instantly is a scent that is rarely talked about here on Basenotes that I love: Chemistry by Clinique. It really does smell, to me, like I just took a shower with Ivory soap. A little hard to find (not at Clinique counters), but definitely worth looking for.

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    Thanks to all.. Worth a try anyway!! I must seek out Clinique Chemistry..

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