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    Thumbs up AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    did you guys get the newsletter re: new scents!!
    'Madeline' and 'Sin'.

    From Ava Luxe Website!!

    'Madeline' - Limited Holiday Edition

    Soft sparkle of snow falling through velvety night,
    Sweet silent thought, memories tender delight…

    Arabian musk, precious woods, vanilla bourbon and amber perfectly blended with fig, liquorice and milk notes and topped with a warming mix of brandy and spices. The perfect fragrance for a beautiful Christmas.


    "]The decadent fragrance of black opium tinged with amber and musks. The fragrance evokes imagery of siver screen sirens, flappers and international women of beauty and mystery.
    Key notes: Black opium, Amber, Musk, Vanilla.

    Oooh yeah - sounds blissfull!

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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    Oh yum! Will be ordering samples.

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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    Both sound wonderful!
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    Madeline sounds like something I will enjoy. But I'm curious, who's Madeline?
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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    These sound so much like scents I'd love that I am tempted to order them unsniffed! Shall I be the guinea pig? Somebody talk me into or out of it, please!

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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    Get samples, Pebbles - then you'll know.
    Ah well I ignored my own advice the postage cost is so high to the UK, getting a couple of samples is just not economic, so I ordered full bottles. They just better had smell as good as they promise!
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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    I just received my bottle of Madeline and a sample of Sin...
    Both quite good, the Madeline is very gourmand and reminds me a bit of Nuit de Noel, spicy and warm
    Sin is very sensual , amber, wood and musk... I like it a lot.
    I don't think you will be disappointed, Indiscreet
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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    That's nice to know, Renee - I have sniffed Nuit de Noel and liked it, and I love woody ambers.

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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    Groan. They sound FABULOUS........Groan.....
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    Default Re: AVA LUXE - new scents!!

    I just received a sample of Sin and I like it a lot. It has a very vintage feel to it which I really love.
    I just tried another of the samples I ordered today. It's Golden Amber and it is fantastic! I highly recommend it along with the Ambra Tibet.
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