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Thread: Received my M7

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    I just received my M7 and so far I do like it so far. It will need a few wearings ou in public before I render a final verdict, but I do have a few questions. I bought the set of EDT and body wash from perfume emporium. Does anybody have any experience with this seller? I wish there was someplace around locally I could have tested this fragrance. From the reviews I read I kind of expected a very in your face strong kind of scent. This bottle does not seem to really have that. It smells nice and I'm enjoying it so far. Possibly just my nose needs adjustment to it and maybe others will notice it more. I'll have to what kind of sillage and remarks I get out of wearing it. Thanks for any response.

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    Give it at least one hour after application before judging it, as the sweet agarwood note can knock you over at first. Also, DON'T OVERAPPLY. This potent French stuff is in the same boat as the evil Quorum and the sexy Kouros in that over-application may result in grave bodily injury and/or severe psychic trauma.

    Expect major sillage, incredible longevity and lots of compliments -- or at least loads of comments.
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    I'll make sure I go easy on it for work tomorrow. I love the opening with the bright citrusy overtones. I'm not totally sure about the agarwood yet, but it doesn't turn me off to overall fragrance. It's not as medicinal as I imagined it would be. Also the slightly smoky, woody, musky base is awesome. I seem to continue to look for more niche fragrances to augment my Creeds. However I'm glad there are still many reasonably priced designer scents that can suprise me with how good/unique they are. I have learned a lot hanging around this place and everyone is so helpful. That is unless we are talking about the virtues of aqua di gio.

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