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    Default Czech & Speake N 88

    Has anyone tried C&S n88? What's your opinion about this scent described as "gothic", "dark" and "nocturnal"?

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    Default Re: Czech & Speake N 88

    Beau Garcon - there are a lot of old threads where we've discussed No. 88 at length here. Click here to read some of them:
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    Default Re: Czech & Speake N 88

    I own a bottle and I am very happy with it. It has a real classic turn of the 19th-20th century victorian feel to it... I'm not the best at this, but to my nose, it initially is strong and rather sweet rose smelling, but this blast dies off quickly and settles into an earth rose, slightly powdery clove mix. Take my advice: when applied too strong, the patchouli and clove overpower the rest of the smell exponentially with each additional spray. Fortunately, it lasts all day (I have over 40 colognes and this definitely lasts the longest) has powerful sillage and therefore requires only 1-2 solid sprays. At this level, the earth and rose have space to sustain and come out. Really classy. At the ideal dosage, it smells like: rose petal mulch, 2. patchouli and clove, 3. some kind of fine powder (hence the Victorian allusions) 4.Jasmine and Galbanum, but these notes are lost individually in the mix, though the contribution is evident. There are other notes, but i can't distinguish them really. Gothic? If you consider a classic english victorian style gothic, yes. Dark? yes, but more like an overcast and drizzly day sort of way rather than full moon at night sort of way. Nocturnal? could be used that way, but it strikes me more like my notes above in terms of imagery. I hope that helps. Oh, and you'll have to purchase directly from Czeche and Speake store Jermyn street (google it) if you want it, unless someone on basenotes sells you some. Expect to pay inter. shipping. Still less than a creed though...
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    Default Re: Czech & Speake N 88

    In the United States, you can buy Czech & Speake fragrances from the web site of Cambridge Chemists, located in New York:

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    You can also purchase it from Fred Segal in LA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenmarcher View Post
    You can also purchase it from Fred Segal in LA.

    Fred Segals Charges way more for it though.

    There SA's at Freds are very friendly however, and I have bought from them at a higher price because of that (Beverly Hills not Santa Monica).
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