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    Default Struggling with vetiver.

    I'm a newbie to fragrance and a few of the things in my collection have strong vetiver notes.

    I like it, but at times it has a sharp almost ammonia kind of smell to my nose. Is this the nature of vetiver, or is it just my chemistry?

    I find at times the vetiver in Givenchy Gentleman overpowers the patchouli, and some times when I can smell the two notes together plainly and evenly they combine for an effect similar to an open can of latex house paint. Most of the time, it is pleasant.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Struggling with vetiver.

    Honestly, Givenchy Gentleman is such a CIVET BOMB (at least in its current formulation), that it's hard to say what qualities in it should be attributed to vetiver versus patchouli.

    It's pretty common to find vetiver essential oil in natural foods stores and the like; so you could get a clearer "read" on the note by sampling the oil unblended. Keep in mind, however, that there are different types of vetiver (e.g. Vetiver Bourbon, Haitian Vetiver), as well as related aromachemicals like vetiverol and vetiveryl acetate. The search function can lead you to various threads discussing the differences among all these things.
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    Default Re: Struggling with vetiver.

    I applied some Guerlain Vetiver to a cotton swab, and it has a (edit: slightly) rounder, less sharp herbal note on the cotton than on my skin. Maybe something about my own personal funk that brings out the sharp note. Maybe it's the civet that I am smelling. I'll sniff around the local granola emporium tomorrow if I can make time, definitely need to figure this one out.
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