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    Default you guys think this is legit?

    I am not sure how I even wound up here, but found this and gotta admit I'm more than a little curious...

    In past, perfumers have been using in quantity some aromatic raw materials of produced by animal. Today, the very high price and scarcity of these scents make their use in mass perfumery absolutly prohibitive. Sinthetic substitutes commonly used are only a poor imitation void of the olfactory wealth that the real animal pheromones possess. Nevertheless they are sufficient to cheat the nose of the consumer and the deepest aspirations of his soul. In fact, these animal aromatic substances are used since dawn of mankind for pleasure as well as for health, and they are part of all traditional pharmacopea.
    Our kit of the animal scents contains the real natural tinctures prepared in our laboratory of:

    Honey bee tincture 16ml

    Ambergris tincture 16 ml

    Civet tincture 16 ml

    Castoreum tincture 16 ml

    Hyraceum 16 ml

    If you wish to buy the single products click here.
    "...These animal aromatic substances are always pheromone molecules and they appeal to our nervous system and to our emotions as no botanical scent really does..." (See discussion in Forum)

    € 139,00
    I thought a lot of these materials were "protected' now? In any event, that could be quite a package to fall into the wrong hands...

    "Honey, come over here I want you to smell me. I'm wearing this new parfum my dear son sent me, Castorerum Tincture 16... isn't it divine!!?...........Honey?........ HEY HONEY WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY LIKE THAT?"

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: you guys think this is legit?

    Currently wearing: Yatagan by Caron

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    Default Re: you guys think this is legit?

    after reading this description from the website itself

    Wild Beaver

    This aroma bestows to whom wears it an enormous aura of sensuality and causes on others a sense of subjection. It is the perfume of the “Manager Zen”: the pure animalistic vital force that castoreum bestows can be canalised to be transformed into mental and spiritual energy. Who uses it in this way will obtain the charisma of the great leaders
    “Manager Zen” can use Castoreum in several ways.

    Often it will be enough to just smell the tap of the bottle to relieve stress.
    He can also spray a little on the palm of his hands before meeting a person, or give a spray to his office in order to give to it a “personal territory” aura that will give him a psychological advantage.

    and plurans description of Rose 31 — well....

    I'll let you guys do the math

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    Default Re: you guys think this is legit?

    Wow if my boss sprayed the office with Castoreum, I'd probably think he trod in some dog doo!

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