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    Default Spray feed tube stuck?

    This is going to be an odd question, and I'm posting it here on the Starting Out forum because it's something really basic. Have you ever had the feed tube for a spray bottle literally stuck to the bottom of the bottle?

    I have a bottle of Trussardi L'Uomo that I got second-hand. It's basically new and just about full, and I got it at a good price. I know why now - the seller probably couldn't get any of the juice out either!

    The opening of the feed tube inside the bottle is literally stuck to the glass at the bottom of the bottle. So, when you press the atomizer "button", it moves but nothing comes out. I can jerk-shake the bottle a few times and then I'll get one partial spray (very, very partial) but that's it - the suction in the tube from the partial spray seems to suck the tube back to the bottom of the bottle.

    It's like the feed tube is just *ever* so slightly too long and if I could somehow shorten or lift it just a bit, it would be fine. Or, it's just a bit to short otherwise it would be pointed at a corner of the bottle and not at the glass at the bottom.

    Has anyone come across this before? Was anyone able to find a solution to this?
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    Default Re: Spray feed tube stuck?

    I dont know if this will work..But Try spraying with the bottle upside down whilst shaking it!!

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    Default Re: Spray feed tube stuck?

    I'm assuming that the sprayer head is fused on so you can't just unscrew it and adjust the tube. Sometimes you are stuck with no options but prying it off carefully with your smallest pliers and snips (I use jewelers tools) and decanting into a new bottle.

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    Default Re: Spray feed tube stuck?

    Just for the heck of it, why not email them and see if they will send you a *free* replacement since it is their product that isn't behaving properly? Nothing to lose..
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    Default Re: Spray feed tube stuck?

    I think L'Uomo has been discontinued, so I'm not sure if Trussardi can send me a replacement - but it's still worth asking! Failing that, I suppose I'll have to try different "shake and spray" methods and perhaps ultimately, "cracking open" the bottle and decanting out the juice.

    Kyra... pliers and snips? Not just holding the bottle in a vise and then pliers to grab the spray top? Is that just too heavy-handed? I'm not sure how snips are, much less how to use them for this task
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    Default Re: Spray feed tube stuck?

    To cushion and increase grip, you can wrap a rubber band around the metal collar before grasping it with the pliers. Those tubes should be cut at an angle at the bottom so they can't do the very thing you described.
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