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    Default japanese fragrances

    Could anyone give me some suggestions on good japanese fragrances? Looking through my collection, it occurred to me that I lacked more international representation, and I only have Shiseido Basala as my non-western representative. I know enough to understand Japan has many worthy perfumers. Also, it seems to me that the Japanese fragrances have a distinct quality, which i ascribe mostly to their consistent and generous use of native japanese ingredients/notes, but also it seems a very distinct collective esthetic about what smells attractive, "masculine", formal, etc. Obviously born of cultural differences. Any thoughts on this?

    But again, some suggestions first. Most of us are aware of very popular japanese frags in circulation in this country (e.g. eau de Issey) but I was hoping we could make this list exhaustive, so I guess list all you can with perhaps a few personal recommendations to boot. Thanks.

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    Default Re: japanese fragrances

    I would like to read some opinions from people who own Shiseido Tactics...
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    Please take a look at my review here:

    M; Men by Masakï Matsushïma is the only other major Japanese contender that Ive thoroughly enjoyed
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    Quote Originally Posted by discovolante View Post
    I would like to read some opinions from people who own Shiseido Tactics...
    I bought Tactics when I visited Tokyo last April. It was cheap, around $20 for 50ml. I tried to like it. It is a green, somewhat aquatic fragrance, not my favorite genre by a long shot. I tried to wear it, but it just didn't click for me. It was well blended, I can't name any of the notes, but it lacked a sensuality, something I look for in a fragrance. If you want to smell clean, it does that well! I swapped it.

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    Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto. It is discontinued and I was fortunate to get it from the generous Eluard. I like it so much, I don't wear it often as I don't want the bottle to go empty!!

    I've had L'eau d'Issey PH and although it's a stunning fragrance IMHO, I've got some bad memories (working late nights, going out partying after words - over applying, getting up early the next morning - over applying again...) I won't be buying it soon but I do appreciate the quality and craftsmanship.
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    L'eau d'Issey - you bet. Hanae Mori if you prefer gourmands -- it's one of the few I can wear.

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    Avignon,or any other CDG,can these by classed as Japaneese?

    They were established in Tokyo in 1973.,I suppose. All the clothing is designed in japan,maybe fragrances,too?

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    There are many more Fragrance houses and fragrance branches to other bussiness in Japan, other than Shiseido, here are some other houses, some of them i posted a list of missing scents over at the missing scents forum. On a different note, i can say that the vast majority of japanese frags either go into the huge world of soft, barely-there fruity florals to the sickeningly sweet (in general). A lot of the newest Alain Delon frags are created specifically for the japanese market as well.

    & me.
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    Fragrances: too many to count, check out my posts on this house (missing frags forum).

    Cotton Candy:
    2 fragrances i know of: Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Aqua.

    about 6 frags.

    ELLA MIKAO: (aka: ELAMikao)
    makes the line Yujin, wich has about 10 scents.

    Estelle De ValRose:
    as with A.Y.P. this house has too many to count.

    etc etc etc etc


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