Well, I was at the mall today, and (as always) I made a quick stop by Macy's.

Several new scents were in: Polo Explorer (already tried and hated it), L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense (ditto), Azzaro Chrome Legend (already tried it, very nice), Calvin Klein Man (dull scent, great Apple-esque bottle), and Usher He. So, I decided to try the last one. It was actually pretty darn good... it's pretty subtle, but slick. I sort of smell a little Himalaya in here, but Usher He is a lot softer than the Creed (and cheaper, too). Of course, you could do slightly better. But you could do a whole heck of a lot worse. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Claiborne rep to comment to him that his company finally has a winner after all these years of Curve derivatives.

As always, I ran into several perfume reps. Most of that time was spent with the B.P.I. rep at Macy's, asking her a few new questions. One new question was why she joined B.P.I.: it was her longstanding love affair with L'eau d'Issey (for women) that did the trick! Secondly, I asked her if she perfumes her business cards (some reps do!). She said that when she gets her new ones, she will spritz them with L'eau d'Issey. Next, I told her that her store NEEDS to get the Narciso Rodriguez frags, both for her and for him, as they would fit this market to a T. Finally, before I left for Penney's to check out some home decor, we exchanged e-mail addresses (on blank smelling strips, of course).