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    Default Where to purchase EDPs?

    Okay I'm just starting out in this perfume thing.

    For the past few months I've been getting a lot of EDTs... I'm just trying to find 'the one' or 'the three' that suit me most. I think I narrowed it down to:
    - Issey Miyake (the main one) - summer
    - Terre D'Hermes - when I'm trying to be different
    - D&G Pour Homme - Evenings and winter.

    Thing is most of these EDT last something like 4-5 hours and I want something that lasts longer as I don't like having to reapply or carry the EDT when I'm at a wedding or some other fun day out. I would rather get an EDP or perfume bottle as these last longer. But where to get them from? I live in London and I don't seem to find any EDP or Perfumes in Superdrugs, Boots or the Perfume Shop - at least not for fragrances I'm looking for. A reliable online place will do!

    Oh yes and I know someone will go on about layering with shower gel and deoderant etc so don't preach to the converted!


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    Default Re: Where to purchase EDPs?


    I don't believe there are EDPs of any of the ones you listed. EDPs are simply harder to find and much more rare for men's frags. There isn't really a place where you'll consistently find EDPs (if they exist) along with the EDTs.

    Incidentally, all three of those frags are known around these parts to be quite long-lasting (maybe not quite so much for TdH) for most people. Are you sure you aren't just experiencing olfactory fatigue? People around you may be able to still detect it quite well even though you can't.

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    Default Re: Where to purchase EDPs?

    Hi thanks for the response!

    I didn't know that EDP's weren't made for all fragrances.. dammit!

    In answer to your question, I have never asked people whether or not they can smell me after such and such time, maybe I should do an experiment with someone at home. I'm pretty confident I've got the times right though because I applied a little bit to the wrist and kept taking a sniff and timing it.

    I think it would be a good idea for me to get a really small bottle (30ml) of everything and keep it in one of my pockets for those extra-long formal events and parties.

    I have another question then... in general, how much can bathing products (showergel, deoderant, moisturizer, shampoo, aftershave) add to the fragrance lasting power on the skin?

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    Default Re: Where to purchase EDPs?

    Welcome to Basenotes!!! Just like the MadScientist said, most men's frags don't come in EDP, but you will find that some of the newer ones are. There is still very few though.

    You may want to try different ways of applying your cologne. You may want to also look into the way you bathe. You'll find that exfoliating does wonders for that longevity in cologne your looking for. You should wash with a nice thick wash cloth or a loofa sponge or those scouring mits that go on your hands like gloves (perfect for the person who just uses their hands to wash themselves). I myself make it a point to soak in the tub and scrub, scrub, scrub at least once a week. I shower in between time. I notice that the closer it gets to needing my bath, the less I can smell my perfume after a while. Some of my frags don't even smell right on me if I haven't scrubbed well in over a week.

    As far as the application. I know that certain parts of my body wear my frag longer and others don't. Weird right? It's true though. I learned that when I would spray a frag on the back of my hand. It would smell great, but when I got it home a put it on my body it was something totally different and not always in a good way. I do layer. I wear the EDP and the lotion to go with it. I don't buy the shower gel. I only get it if it comes in a set. If the frag doesn't have a lotin, then I probably won't get it. I have to have the lotion. Now, if I have a lotion in mind that can maybe work with it like a Bath & Body Works or a VS one, then I will use that.

    I put my frag on when I step out the shower. I leave my whole upper body damp. I spray my chest, stomach, neck, upper & lower arm. Then I use the water left on my skin to help spread the perfume all over my upper body. This gives me wonderful coverage and I cover the places that last longer than others. That way when one area is finished, I still have an area that can carry on. Then I mix the lotion for the frag with my daily lotion to seal it in. I get wonderful sillage and longevity.

    I do know that the new Narciso Rodriguez for men has an oil for their new cologne. You should try that. It smells sooooooo good. The oils last until you wash them off. Using my out of the shower method works great with body oils.

    Hope this helps and again welcome.
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    Default Re: Where to purchase EDPs?


    I knew that it was better to apply perfume at certain pulse points but I haven't tried/noticed the thing you said about scrubbing/exfoliating the body. Will definitely check that out. Will also check out that fragrance if I can find it or if someone puts up a basenote review!

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