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    Default Where to search for fragrances by notes

    [Moderator, might this be sticky worthy?]

    I just answered a newbie's question about how/where to search out fragrances by their notes and figured this would be a good subject to post, sticky, and update. If you know of additional reference sources, please add on.

    To search by note at Basenotes:

    To search by note at Makeup Alley, use "Search Review Text for" box:

    Great for searching notes and for buying samples:

    For niche scents, try the search box here:
    or here:

    For mainstream scents, visit here:
    or here:
    or here:

    OSMOZ is another very good source for. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the search window here:

    And then there's:

    You have to use your computer's "find text" to search this person's data:
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    Default Re: Where to search for fragrances by notes

    You can also use Google (and possibly other search engines) to search a site for specific terms.

    To search for perfumes with Bergamot listed as a note at, type the following into the Google search box: Bergamot
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    Default Re: Where to search for fragrances by notes

    I don't buy from Ebay, but it has an advanced search feature where you can search for fragrance notes.

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    Default Re: Where to search for fragrances by notes

    wow Quarry, I'm booknoting that post. thanks for the info and the work that went into compiling it!
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    Default Re: Where to search for fragrances by notes

    Blimey yes, that's brilliant. Thanks Quarry.
    Um, I can add that the London shop Les Scenteurs has a website The shop section has a general annotation of notes into Oriental, Green, Hesperidic, Leather/Tobacco, Floral, Fruity, Chypre, Woody/Fougere and Aquatic. You can search for a group of notes, then drill down to see the description, which is useful.
    But not as useful as the links you've given. :-)
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