Had a "get-away weekend" with my wife. I was actually disappointed in the lack of boutique style scent shops. There's real potential there. Lots of well-heeled tourists.

I did find a shop that carried Cannabis Santal by Fresh, but the shop was crowded and there was no customer service available. I'm actually glad, because the sample I sprayed on my hand did not impress. It was nice, but did not project at all. It smelled like Amen/Angel cut in half.

I did finally give in and purchased a large spray of Chanel Egoiste. It should play well in Fall and Winter. Beautiful bottle. $62 at Perfumania. I also bought the Monsuier Musk by Dana that I had been hunting ($9.99). It's a nice fresh scent.

My final pick-up was CK Euphoria at TJ Maxx. I had a refund credit so I thought I'd give it another shot. I have to remember it takes 8 shots minimum.