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    Default Bandit by Piguet

    I hate to repeat posts if I can help it, but I'm not sure if this has been on the board or not. I know that it's been brought up in conversations/individual postings, but I can't remember what was said.

    Here's the deal: I despised Fracas for Men. Found it utterly unwearable. Gave it a good review right off, yes, then recanted an hour or so into the interminable next 24 to 36 hours of smelling naught save licorice-covered soap.

    I keep hearing, though, that Bandit is very nice. I know it has a few detractors, yes, but I hear many more praise it. (Makes you wonder why Piguet felt the need to ever produce and distribute that cheaply bottled Fracas stuff.)

    What's the skinny on this frag? Should I get the men's version or the women's? Should I get the edp or the edt? And should I buy it blind at all, no matter which one I choose?
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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    I tried both, and the EDP seemed better to me.
    Less of the heady floral top notes.
    I think what they market as the men's is the EDT.
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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    The men's version is horrible...I have Bandit "Light" makes me feel sick to my stomach a bit...I can't imagine what the normal one smells like (if there is one). I'll say that its mostly leather, but not even a normal leather...almost like a pure synthetic quinoline. Its way too heavy and pungent for me. A blind purchase...but it was only $ it was worth the risk.

    I've yet to try the women's, but apparently its very similar to Cabochard, which is beautiful.
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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    I have a sample of Bandit EDP at home that ever so often I spritz on...I agree with Pluran, there is something...that it smells like which in the top notes ruins it for me. Once this 'phantom note' dries down a little, I find it as sublime and enjoyable as my Tabac Blond and Cabochard. But, unlike these two Bandit kind of comes charging out of the gate, right for you.

    I have never smelled this on a woman (I think I would prefer smelling a woman in something like Miss Dior...) but I totally 'get' the dominatrix image.

    It is NOT a good blind buy, IMO.
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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    Again, the vintage versions must have been amazing, in their time. I find the new versions to reek of a woman of a certain age, who has worked her entire life in a dress department - you know, boufant hair, red lips and nails, lots of base, support hose, chain smoking, shoes to match, etc.
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    Thumbs up Re: Bandit by Piguet

    Read my review, tvvlampboy, this scent has made me a better woman.
    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    rtamara's review is spot on.I have the EDP and I can not wear it myself.I have tried numerous times and could not pass its repulsiveness(is this a word?).I gave up and threw the small beautiful black bottle into my wife's drawer.Then one day before leaving for work I was amazed with the smell coming from my wife.I could not define it and asked her and was totally shocked when she replied 'Bandit'.It was really amazing and as pluran mentioned f*uckin sexy.
    But I totally agree that it is not a safe blind buy.

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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    Hey TV,
    Very interesting comments from all. I had the EDP - to me, in a way, it's like Bulgari Black gone bipolar, at least when I consider the rubbery element.

    This is one that I really liked or washed right off, depending on the day. It does bring out your inner dominatrix! Very sexual, I'd say.

    Before I traded it, I found a special and very odd use for it, which I won't mention now, having done so elsewhere. I never did find out how the tradee liked it.


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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    The licenses for the French perfumes Bandit and Fracas went to a company in the US which also seem to be the suppliers nowadays. Only the colors of the vintage Bandit packaging have remained unchanged since 1960: yellow and black. The version I remember so vividly had a rather luxurious appeal though! It may have been a perfume version with a tiny stopper instead of the spray system. Today's bottle and box are rather cheap, and the spray system is tacky. The perfume was not quite as dry as the new EDP is, nor like todays EDT either. Neither before nor afterwards did I smell such heavenly frankincense in my life! I still maintain that both US versions of Bandit (for women) are exceptional fragrances of acceptable quality. But what Nombre Noir is for LT has been the old version of Bandit from the sixties to me (as a boy): a paradise soon lost! I wonder if moon-fish was successful finding the original the past two years.

    Out of curiosity I also ordered Fracas for Men three years ago. Nobody could give me advice then, and there are not many people around today who know this fragrance well. I think it is at least as good as Drakkar Noir was, and I enjoy it as a fun fragrance outdoors during late summer and fall. When you buy a no name French chypre / or fougère in Southern France (Grasse) that' s about what you get, including old fashioned longevity and slightly better packaging. The Fracas bottle may even be half way authentic, but it's so cheaply made that I usually hide it.
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    Cool Re: Bandit by Piguet

    I can't stand it. A trainwreck of leather and floral; still if you need to get in touch with your inner dominatrix . . .

    It's the evil twin of Dunhill '34.


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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    Mm I bought this after trying it once in a shop and being intrigued. On reflection, I should not have bought it as I hardly wear it. I want to like it, but it's too cold a scent. I prefer a warmer leather such as Tabac Blond or REL. This is like the leather interior of a car on a very cold day. A car with an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. Perhaps I'll trade it.

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    Default Re: Bandit by Piguet

    Its various accords may not please everyone, but Bandit is a phenomenal scent during all phases. As is the case with many great fragrances, the drydown is where the magic really happens, and this one possesses one of the best there is. I can't really compare it to something like Tabac Blond because they're extremely different in many respects other than quality.
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