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Thread: Bad Choice?

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    I wore Lancome Sikkim one day last spring when it was warm and humid, and found out the hard way that it goes completely sour on me. That day I also went to Angela Flanders and tested two or three fragrances, and afterward found that the combination of smells on my left arm bore a striking resemblance to Secretions Magnifiques. Not to dis Angela, mind you. Her fragrances are lovely. It was just an unfortunate combination.

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    Acqua di Parma Oud Concentree. I bought a full bottle and thought I'd use up the 2ml sample I still had in the drawer. There was about 1ml left... and I dumped it all on me, before going to bed. OMG, it was so strong I could not fall asleep. I was up all night. Had to get up at 5am to shower, get the scent off, and catch couple hours of sleep. This stuff is nuclear strength if over-applied!
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    Somewhat similar story here, last summer I had my first sample of Jubilation XXV but it seemed to have almost ZERO projection the few times I tried it, so with about 1.5ml left in the sample I rage-sprayed it all on me as I was determined to get at least one decent wearing out of it. Hot summer night cruising in my friends car, no air conditioning, I was radiating a jammy incense catastrophe that got so cloying I felt like I was having trouble breathing. We eventually swung back to my place so I could shower real quick but it didn't make a dent in the Jubilation. That was an unfortunate night.

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    Not really. I like most of the scents chosen as SOTD, yet the feedback towards them makes me sometimes question my choice (while also acknowledging however that I don't wear fragrances primarily for compliments, even if compliments are the "icing on the cake").

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