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    Default I <3 Buying Blind

    Buying blind, it's the #1 mistake in fragrance buying...

    I've come to realize that almost every one of my colognes were bought blind (except one Kenneth Cole New York cause it was on sale).

    That's not to say I've never been disappointed, because I have with scents like Burbery London and Bulgari Blur that just didn't work on me. Let me add that I've also tried the proper way of buying frags, like going into a shop and smelling 20+ different colognes. Ultimately, I would like too many of them and end up getting nothing. Nowadays, I buy based off of reviews, and it's a rush not know what you're gonna get, be expecting it to be good.

    Anyone else enjoy buying blind?
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    Smile Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I love the adventure of buying blind, but I only buy semi-blind anymore, unless it's incredibly cheap.

    I've found that the reviews here on basenotes take some of the nervousness, and NONE of the fun out of my buys. Their recommendations, and the comprehensive views here have steered me in the right direction every time, and I am very grateful for that. There is still the anticipation of that first whiff, and every time I've listened to members here, there has been a sigh of happiness.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I've been pretty successful at buying blind based soley on reviews here. Most of them have been as good as described or better -- a testament to the noses here and their powers of description. :-) I do most of my perfume testing & buying at brick-and-mortar stores, but my choices are limited around here. Blind-buying online is kind of a fun challenge for me... sifting through the reviews, studying the notes, homing in on a fragrance that just FITS, and being rewarded when your detective work and instincts pay off.

    My only blind-buy flop has been a travel-size Musc Ravageur, which sounded just like the sort of scent I go for, but it was nauseating on me. When my 11-year-old sniffed it on my wrist, his reaction was to perform a very melodramatic death scene.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I do it, but I do it cautiously. Usually, I'll buy blind if it's a fragrance people on this board, that I trust, rave about, and if they have displayed similar taste to me. Even then, I can go wrong sometimes. I bought Asja blind, and although I don't dislike it, it doesn't fire me up, and that one was bought following a rave review by Purplebird, who I respect hugely. I bought Black Cashmere blind, because it had such great reviews across the board here. I was not disappointed by that one, it's definitely one of my faves. I bought Mitsouko blind, and it's sitting in my swap list. I don't like it enough to want to wear it frequently, so it may as well go to someone who will love it. I also bought Kai blind, and I adore it. I've only had one 'accident' so far from buying blind. The rest have been fabulously successful.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I am now very hesitant to do so after sampling all of the "hyped" names and being underwhelmed by them. Very few for me lived up to the "buzz" surrounding them. It is such a personal thing, you just cannot put alot of weight into what others like/dislike.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I just realized yesterday that the only fragrance i have bought after having a sample vial is Ungaro III. The rest of my scents, are blind and semiblind buys. The truth is that no tested scent can give an emotion comparable to opening the bottle of Erolfa that you just bought and discovering that you love it n_n.

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    Well, I hope Himalaya turns out okay

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I will confess to having bought a lot of bottles blind but after reading up on them. I've had a couple of complete bombs - most notably Ysatis Iris and JLo Miami Glo - but generally I have been pretty happy, and I've even found my Holy Grails (Vol de Nuit and Jicky).
    It's an expensive hobby though. I've now moved on to decants.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    Havok, I feel you on not knowing what to buy... I have the same problem with jeans. When I've been in Italy in the beginning of this July I went to this Marciano shop and I liked so many pairs of jeans... lol. I ended up buying a few though. I'm sad I didn't get a Chrstian Lacroix dress I liked because I can't find it here.

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    When I first found Basenotes I made a few blind buys, and a few buys based on one testing, which is nowhere near enough. I was in such a hurry to expand my meagre wardrobe that I made the mistake of buying stuff I thought I'd like and (if tested) stuff I found interesting, rather than stuff I truly loved.

    Bad buys:
    Youth Dew - bought this blind because there was a scent I kept smelling on other people that I thought was wonderful, and I thought this might be it. It wasn't. This is far too aldehydic for me - it's like someone shoved soap lather up my nose. It stings a bit.

    Aromatics Elixir - this actually turned out to be the fragrance I kept smelling and loved. I smelled it on a lady in a shop and plucked up the courage to ask what it was, and immediately rushed out and bought some. It just doesn't go well on my skin. It's not a total disaster but I don't really like it on me and am disappointed it doesn't smell like it does on other people.

    Ivoire de Balmain - I had a sample of this back in the 80s when I worked in Boots, and quite liked it. So, remembering this, I decided to buy some, and got hold of a large tester bottle at a relatively cheap price. As it turns out, I actually don't really like it - it's too green for my tastes. I might have bought it cheaply but it's still money I could have better spent on something else.

    I heard much about this and loved the idea of this naughty bad girl scent. I tried it on the crook of my elbow in a shop and thought it was intriguing. Next week I bought it. Now I find it too cold a scent...I realise I like warm scents, and warm, Bandit is not. I find it interesting for a sniff, but I can't stomach it for a full day's wearing.

    OK buys:
    CSP Vanille Mokha
    I bought this completely blind and yeah, I really do like it. The only problem is that I subsequently bought Love's True Bluish Light from Ava Luxe, and if I am craving vanilla, that's the one I reach for. Which makes Vanille Mokha rather redundant.

    Chypre Rouge
    It was just after the Lutens week. I was a newbie at Basenotes and suddenly this whole other world had opened up. I happened to be in a department store and was overjoyed to find they stocked these fragrances I had heard so much about. I tried several (lord knows what I smelled like...they were all up my arms!) and instantly fell in love with Ambre Sultan, which I bought on the spot. But I also tried Chypre Rouge and could not stop sniffing my wrist. It wasn't that it smelled nice, it was more that I was mesmerised. I went back the following week and bought that as well. Of the two, Ambre Sultans is one of my staples, but Chypre Rouge is just too odd for frequent wear. Some days I hate it, other days I can really appreciate it. It depends on my mood and what my skin is doing that day. I won't get rid of it though - there is something about it that I find intriguing.

    Alien - I bought this right after smelling it on a magazine strip. It's quite nice but I don't love it so I only wear it once in a while. But the bottle is so cool I won't give it away.

    I have made no blind or almost blind purchases since then...until now. Ava Luxe Sin and Madeline are both on order. I would have got testers, but the price of posting them from the US made that uneconomical. I mean, a couple of $2 testers and $25 on post? I might as well buy the full bottles! And so I did...I just hope I like 'em.

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    Cool Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I'm a new Basenotes member and have, just like many other newbies, started buying a lot of fragrances. I'm discovering that most of the time it's the aura that surrounds a perfume or some kind of a mythical status it enjoys that I fall for at first (the brand, packaging, lack of advertising,stories behind it, etc). This includes buying blind. I've had some delightful discoveries and a huge disappointment (Bandit doesn't work on me!?!? Go figure...)
    I do hope I will get out of this phase soon and figure out what I truly like and what works for me. Would definitely appreciate advice on how to get there by more experienced Basenoters!

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I don't think I've ever made a completely blind buy. I've gone out & sniffed certain scents based on reviews here, or I've obtained samples from fellow basenoters, but I just don't have the cash flow to risk a blind buy. Now, I've made a few SEMI blind buys, & those have been ones that are my current faves! For example, M7, Lolita Lempicka au masculin, & Bvlgari Black are ones that I had given a brief sniff, & then started craving months later even without a second sniff.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    We learn by doing, and "doing" often means buying. Sometimes we're not near a huge fragrance counter or emporium, and that can mean buying blind.

    First, try samples. Luckyscent offers a sample buying option, as does Aedes de Venusta. Many online dealers and almost all Basenotes dealers throw in little lagniappes, too.

    Try swapping, too, if you don't like blind buying. It's economical, fun and a great way to sample many different frags w/o mortgaging your house or selling your firstborn. Basenotes makes it very, very easy to set up a swap list.
    For example, my very full swap list:
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    What a great word!!!
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    hah, swapping is a pretty great deal, i'm swapping the himalaya

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I try not to buy blind if I can help it. But if I cannot find the fragrance I think I may like in the shopping centres then I will read reviews both on basenotes and other review sites like makeupalley etc.

    I have made mistakes and bought blind and disliked the fragrance but I have got my money back for them - and I thank ebay for that

    I have also bought a lot of fragrances blind that I absolutely adore. I think sometimes you've just got to take a chance if you cannot find the fragrance to test it first. Just do it with caution and read plenty of reviews first!

    You can always sell them like I do if you do not like your blind buys.

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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    Having my iPhone on me and access to the Basenotes database at a moment's notice means that at this point none of my buys are truly blind. My only truly blind buy, without the benefit of looking at any reviews, was a 120mL bottle of Caesars Man for $10, and it was an unmitigated disaster on me. But for ten bucks it satisfied my curiosity about the product.

    I did buy Quorum, Kouros, and A*Men without smelling them, and I've loved all three, Kouros in particular. Quorum took two or three separate tries to appreciate what it was, but I do like it quite a bit.
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    Default Re: I <3 Buying Blind

    I used to do impulsive blind buys, and the only one that worked out well was AdP Colonia. Once you move on to niches, though, blind buys become too expensive to risk it.

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