If these fragrances were brothers their personalities would fit the sterotypical oldest, middle, baby frame.

Tommy Bahama original: Loud, sharp, powerful, in charge and well meaning, but kind of brash, a lttle harsh, with a lot to prove

Tommy Bahama very cool: Mild mannered, easy, subdued, quiet, introverted

Tommy Bahama set sail: Tries to hard to outdo the others, needs attention, carefree, funloving, gets away with murder.

some might disagree with the way that i have set up this mold, but of course every family is different, this is just sort of a stereotypical outlook and also lighthearted and jokey.

What prompted this reaction was the fact that i have owned the oldest brother and rid myself of it after half a bottle, i liked it but it got old quick. I get along really well with the middle bro because it is not so ostentacious(spelling?)...just tried baby boy frag and i gotta tell you that it is definitely trying to get attention. To me set sail smells like somebody spent a day in the surf drinking tequila shots whose breath smells because he just threw up those shots and cleaned his mouth out with a little lime.

Sorry this review is all over the place, just trying to have a little fun....let me know what you guys think of the frags listed