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    Hi,guys.I am thinking of purchasing a new fragrance but I am still wondering.Should I pick Givenchy Pi(I have tested it and i liked it very much) or maybe Burberry Touch(based on the reviews on BN).Or should I try the intoxicating Opium?Any help would be highly appreciated

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    You shouldnt take any risk buying blind. Its fun though. I reckon you should just go with ur Pi, coz u "liked it very much".

    my 2 cents.

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    I think you should stick with the scent you already tested just to be safe. You don't need to rush and buy something you havn't smelled...

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    One more question guys.Should I pick A*Men(i tested that and I liked it too) or Pi?Or should I go for B*Men,which I am sure is going to like me too ?

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    Pi and B*Men are both more versatile than A*Men, but I have all three and like them all for what they're good for
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    yeah should keep away from blind buys... stick with the pi or a*men personally i prefer pi... good luck!

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    yupieee I just found opium pour homme edp(50 ml tester) for about 35 dollars on one of the biggest bulgarian fragrance sites.I think i will go for it .

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