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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella - yowzas!

    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky View Post
    If you make it to an SMN store don't overlook the witchy, wonderful mace based Marescialla, the scintillating slightly Listerine like Frangipane, favorite of Ferre, the dial soap combined with moldy jockstrap weirdness that is Gold Musk, and the pure, savory Opoponax, a man's Opoponax, James Joyce's Opoponax (I like to think. He liked Opononax)?
    Ginestra is also worth trying. Very unique. Not a lot of broom grass based scents in the market.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella - yowzas!

    you have to wear SMN to understand it, in my opinion. Like Potpourri, for example, changes as the day goes on. That's a fragrance. My opinion is you cannot judge any fragrance upon smelling in a bottle, unless it's not dynamic. I like Polo Blue, for example, in the bottle.. what you smell is what you get. With the SMNs I have tried, the scent changes a lot after you apply it.

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    So is gold musk or regular musk better? What about Citta di Kyoto?
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella - yowzas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jock_With_Scents View Post
    I have tried repeatedly to understand Melograno and have failed. I love it and hate it simultaneously.

    My experience too...ended up swapping it for something I always like.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella - yowzas!

    the first poster on this thread asked which is the peppery one, that'd be peau d'espagne

    cuba does not smell like vetiver and cigar smoke, nor semen, imo it has been discontinued and unlike some discontinued scents, it's unlikely you'll have much luck finding any. I guess the new toscano is its replacement. I sniffed it once but don't remember what it was like.

    some smn scents are like the perfume equivalent of listening to 78 rpm records, especially some of the florals, they are rather "rough"

    if you want to try them swap for samples on MUA you can find samples of just about any of them there

    personally I don't care for the musk which seems to be a hit here I am going to wear gold musk today though as a perfect antidote to having worn too many sweet things lately.

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