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    Default Escada pour Homme.

    I have never tried this fragrance but was thinking of buying blind.Can you please tell me what to expect.What is it similar to?Is it strong/weak,is longevity good.Please let me have your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    It is an 100% Oriental scent. In fact, when I think the Oriental fragrances in general, Escada PH comes to my mind among the first ones.

    I am not the biggest fan of this myself, but I must admit it is quite unique. Suprisingly hard for me to compare this to anything, but I`d say it shares certain similarities to Egoiste. Vanilla, benzoin and sandalwood notes are prominent. It also has some (dried) fruitiness to it, which creates this boozy effect....

    It is strong enough for sure, and the lasting power is satisfying. Sillage is outrageous.

    My disliking of this scent is a mysterious one : I admit it is a good scent, but there is something in it that keeps bothering me. It`s weird, since I usually like Orientals with strong charachter, very much so.

    I have had both, EdT and EdP of this. Got rid of the full size bottles, I only have EdP version of this as a miniature, these days.

    But Frank, I`m quite sure you will like it, so don`t be too afraid of that blind purchase.

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    Great fragrance. Smells like cognac. EdT comes off a little synthetic, EdP's the best but good luck in finding the latter. Not for shy types.
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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    I wear this to the office and out to dinner. Very nice booze note at the top...beautiful drydown. Buy it. It is cheap here is in the US. I got a 2.5 oz bottle for 16.99.

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    The top notes are very interesting, but I would not recommend buying it blind. The drydown is somewhat medioce and "old" smelling. Definitely something for 50+ men imho. The cognac note is not very detectable in the drydown. For classy, old scool scents I would rather go for Bois du Portugal.

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    What? There's and EdP? I must have it!

    Anyways, this fragrance is just awesome, especially considering it's at discount stores everywhere (Ross and TJ Maxx, most notably). Very sophisticated and smooth, with a strong masculine presence. Great longevity and sillage, and even though ClassyGuy may disagree, I think it dries down wonderfully. Try layering it Gucci PH for an amazing winter scent.

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    Everything said so far is on the money.

    Rich, smooth, bold yet not brash. Cognac note is *hic* rather nice and smooth. Dries down on me to a mellow patchouli and sandalwood harmony that's as wide a 1971 Cadillac DeVille. Worth a shot if you like 'em a bit on the bold side. Price is easy to swallow, too (as some have mentioned).

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    Rich and complex and completely wonderful. And yes, expect booze for the first 30 minutes minimum. (This juice even LOOKS like cognac!)

    Very spicy, very warm, very rich drydown. Really more of a cold weather frag.
    Easily one of the best bargains out there, and FAR better than any of the other Escada frags, IMHO.

    Check out your local Marshalls or Ross or TJMaxx for the best buy -- DON'T pay retail for this one.
    If you don't have any of these discount stores available, go for eBay. (The 4 oz. bottle is usually the best buy of all.)
    I have an extra bottle on my sale thread, but don't ship internationally.
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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    I have a 40-ml bottle but have worn it once. Not that I don't like it; it smells so refined that I feel it suitable for a business banquet or for formal occasions. Very nice anyway. Thumb up.
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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    Escada Pour Homme I discovered in the heat of this past mediterranean summer.

    It is a scent that is both embracing and individual. It is not a "thick" oriental (ie: not a cloying, offensive one),.. there is some refreshing 'transparency' there.
    I ADORE this scent for both summer and winter... and its affordable pricetag makes it a very smart purchase.
    Buy buy buy!

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    Default Re: Escada pour Homme.

    I agree with all that its a great fresh oriental scent. Very rich with its cognac notes - its a not in your face type oriental and has nice sillage with in your own personal space. The EDP is not any longer last then the EDT - the only diffrence is the EDP is much more deep on the woody notes. Good luck trying to track down the EDP if you can find it you'll pay close to kings randsom...
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