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    Default I've made a convert...

    In the last few months, I have spent some considerable amount of time rehearsing and performing in a show, a stage version of "Pillow Talk", based on the old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. I have tried out a variety of fragrances over this time in an attempt to find one that would fit my "character". (I played Brad Allen, the Rock Hudson character.) Of course, being obssessed with fragrances as I now am, I could never settle on one and subsequently was always wearing something different.

    I asked a fellow female cast member to comment on my scents on a regular basis. Some she liked, some she didn't. She has not worn many fragrances herself over the years because she has a lot of allergies to many of the products in perfumes, particularly the synthetics and aldehydes.

    As time went by, she started becoming more interested and was asking me what I was wearing before I had a chance to thrust my wrist under her nose. In the end, she ended up liking a decant of GIT that I broght in, plus Bvlgari PH & PH Extreme.

    So much so that she started thinking about buying some fragrances for her (adult) children as birthday presents! I told her about the wealth of information on Basenotes, and she became hooked! She looked up the reviews on GIT & the Bvlgari's, and went on to purchase GIT & Bvlgari Extreme last week!

    Now she spends an inordinate amount of time (re)searching through the directory for stuff she might like, based in part on my recommendations and also what she might stumble across. Now she's really enjoying finding out all the information that Basenotes has to offer and expanding her knowledge of fragrances at all hours of the day and night! (And then buying them!)

    Hooray for Basenotes! Another sleep-deprived, financially-struggling but nice-smelling convert!


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    Default Re: I've made a convert...

    Thats cool to here. It is always good to share a passion of yours with someone and have them enjoy it as well. Good call on telling them about basenotes. They will find everything they need to know here!

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