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Thread: Columbus, Ohio

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    Default Columbus, Ohio

    Here's what i've managed to find so far:

    Easton Town Center
    - Nordstroms: higher end designers. Decent men's selection (including all the mens Hermes listed in the directory) and very large women's, about 4 times the size of the men's.
    - Macy's: wide range of designers. The west side Macy's at Tuttle Crossing has a better selection, though.
    - CO Bigelow: L'Artisan Parfumeur, Carthusia, Annick Goutal and many others.
    - Perfumania: if you find something you like at one of the other stores at this mall, stop by this discounter before making your purchase. Just so you don't feel like a fool for paying twice as much. They also carry older designer fragrances and they're the only shop in Columbus that i've found so far that carries YSL, if only a few.

    Polaris Fashon Place:
    - Sephoria: all the regular Sephora stuff, as found on their website. A decent collection that (very) slowly rotates. Their friendly staff at this location will gladly give out spray samples of any perfume if you show an interest, especially on busy weekends.
    - Macy's: again. Same stuff, bit less selection than Tuttle still, though.
    - Saks Fifth Avenue: full line of Creed (so they say, I couldn't tell you for sure), many Bond No 9, Hermes, some Guerlain, and many others. However, the sales assistants there are hit and miss. I spoke once to this fantastic Russian woman who said she has been selling for over 10 years. However, I received some serious bad attitude from another SA when I asked if they carried Caron or knew of someone who did. She had never heard of them and insisted they carried all the best names in the industry, as if saying whatever I asked for was inferior. She really rubbed me the wrong way; I haven't been back since.
    - L'Occitane

    Tuttle Crossing:
    - Macy's, on the west side (the old Lazarus, closest to I-270). Suprising selection for a Macy's. If you're closer to Tuttle than Easton or Polaris, it's may save you the extra 15 mile drive. Definatly worth checking out.
    - Macy's, on the east side. Too spread out (each scent to it's own designer's designated counter) and has less selection than the west side location.
    - Perfumania here, too. Same advise: double check here before paying full price at Macy's.

    Outside of the malls:
    - Luxe de Vie: located in the Short North, the strip of town between downtown and OSU campus. They carry Creed, Bond No 9 and a few others. See their website here:

    If anyone has anything to add, please do! I'll update as I discover more.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    There's also a L'Occitane at Easton and a Lord & Taylor in either Tuttle or Polaris, can't remember which. Also a TJ Maxx outside of Easton.

    Luxe de Vie is fantastic. The staff is very knowledgeable. They're also very small, so they remember you.

    I've also had great experiences with the Tuttle Sephora. Very generous samples.

    P.S. I don't recommend Perfumania. They have a pretty poor selection, old stock, and higher prices than what you can get online. It's also smothering in there, I don't know how the attendants stand it. Speaking of which, the attendants are no help at all to anyone looking for stuff other than the latest celebrity/"high fashion" scent.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Lord and Taylor has been replaced by Von Maur at Polaris. Very nice Thiery Mugler selection. Probably the largest in Ohio. Sephora is awesome for samples. Saks is hit or miss sadly. MOST of the sales assistants are rude. Even buying many large bottles of Kiehl's products, Jack Black, and then buying a Bond No9 fragrance; I was still treated as if I was scum. This is the only Saks I have ever felt like that in. Saks in Downtown Cincy has a far seasoned sales staff.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks for the C-Bus frag breakdown. I just picked up a few of samples online (Creed MI, Black Aoud and Bond No. 9) and now I know where I can get them in town. Nice!
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Macy's over at Tuttle definitely has a surprisingly large collection. As far as perfumania goes, is that an actual store or one of the little kiosks? I never really noticed it before, and maybe it's just during holiday season, but I noticed that one of the little kiosks was selling fragrances, and I decided to buy from there as well.

    The only thing I warn you is that the SA's there aren't nearly as friendly as the ones over at department stores like Macy's. They tend to be intimidating. They'll often act as if they are making special exceptions for you, but don't be fooled by that.

    That said, you can also manage to bargain there if you tend to be good at it ;-)

    Oh and don't forget JCPenny's either. Selection is extremely small, but just thought I'd mention it as well.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Spotted a new Perfumania in Polaris. Von Maur at Polaris was very helpful. I had a good experience at Saks Polaris - hope to continue getting the same SAs. One was even able to give me correct pronunciations in response to my butchered French without making me feel like a dummy.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    In the Polaris area there is a shop similiar to Trade Secrets in front of the mall called Beauty Studio. I believe it is by Pier 1, Cosi, etc. They carry probably a dozen of the different i Profumi di Firenze, Monyette, becker-eshaya, Sage oils and Aroma M.

    Also, Easton has a Henri Bendels (though it appeared closed for expansion last I went through there a week or so ago in June 08) that has a few scents. Maybe when they reopen they will have a much more interesting selection.

    Also, a reminder that Tuttle Macy's has a Lush that opened this past fall, though I haven't been there yet.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Im a newbie.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    They have a Carthusia store in Cols? Wow. Thanks for the lists, I'll know what to ask for if any family returns to my home town.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    i have always managed to get the eastern european woman the original poster talked about. shes very good, if you act like you know what youre talking about.

    i walked in with a fairly unSaks-like attire on, then busted her with the quantity and names of the scents i had. told her i was looking for a winter scent and she zeroed me in quick.

    she also knew when to leave me alone, an invaluable trait compared to the others lol.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    I was at Saks at Polaris a few months ago. I wanted to test a Creed and the SA couldn't spot the tester (there were so many), so I wandered over to another dept. The SA found the tester and followed me across the store so I could try the scent.

    I guess that was good service, but it was a bit disconcerting.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Saks in Cbus has all the Creeds that is true. I tried out all of them and I was able to get some samples and stuff. I was happy I got the chance to try out so many, my nose was overwhelmed.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    luxe d vie is out of business, and has been for months. you can still get tokyo milk soaps across and down the street, theyre outside in a basket.

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Earth Elements at Grandview and 5th Ave. in Grandview Heights area of Columbus: Huge lists of EOs and FOs; burners/diffusers and high-end candles, skin care products. Will custom-make perfumes/blend skin care products. Also big on supplies for EO aromatherapy. Perfumers' supplies such as alcohols, carrier oils, bottles, etc. SA was young girl but very knowledgeable. We chatted and sampled for nearly an hour today! However, she said to talk with the REALLY knowledgeable frag./EO expert, come on Tues. or Thurs. daytime to meet the owner "a tiny Asian woman who knows EVERYTHING." lol Can't wait! BTW Earth Element's Grandview Heights neighborhood is a fun area to explore. (Good coffee across the lot at Caribou Coffee.)

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks for the notice on Luxe de Vie, Nihilist. Too bad they've closed, hopefully they've just moved on instead of the economy taking them down.

    Next time you are in Grandview, JeanieE, walk down to 2nd for coffee and icecream at Staufs and Jeni's. The coffee is far better than Caribou and Jeni's is just plain awesome.
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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Quote Originally Posted by DocmanCC View Post
    Thanks for the notice on Luxe de Vie, Nihilist. Too bad they've closed, hopefully they've just moved on instead of the economy taking them down.

    Next time you are in Grandview, JeanieE, walk down to 2nd for coffee and icecream at Staufs and Jeni's. The coffee is far better than Caribou and Jeni's is just plain awesome.
    what a coincidence! I just discovered Jeni's yesterday; met my pregnant friend Janet who was craving. Now I'M craving more Jeni's!!! Loved the pear/Riesling, the goat cheese/roasted cherries, and the salted caramel!!!

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Repertoire boutique in the Short North carries three CB I Hate Perfumes, three Odin's, and a majority of the D.S. & Durga line. Website:

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    Default Re: Columbus, Ohio

    Oh it's terrible that CO Bigelow closed! If I had gotten into perfume sooner that would have been a destination for sure. I don't enjoy department store perfume counters much and would love a local shop with niche and harder to find names (Diptyque, Carthusia, L'Artisan, Juliette Has A Gun, Nasomatto, dear lord the list goes on.) Why oh why, no!!! (Info:

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