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    Default Back room scent?

    I recently read a review of Serge Lutens' Rahat Loukoum that described the scent as transforming into "a smoky, tobacco melange that reminds me of the best tack rooms. Expensive leather rubbed, oiled and stored where men have stood smoking cigars or pipes and discussing the affairs of the day." (Thank you onanendlessquest)

    Not only did this scent just shoot to the top of my "must-smell list", but it inspired me to ask the question: What other fragrances evoke images of such back rooms--ones that are filled with the best of tobacco is being smoked, books, skins, and leather?

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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Bogart Pour Homme, Creed's Vintage Tabarome, Burberry London, Montana PH are just a few that evoke this imagery for me.
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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Correction: I just realized that the review spoke of "tack" rooms, whereas I wrote "back" rooms. However, I still prefer scents evoking the latter, but will take suggestions for either.


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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford - one of jock_with_scents favorite's and mine too.

    I hope to own a bottle soon, but don't yet due to it's very expensive price. Right now it can only be bought at Tom Ford's store (in NY) or at Bergdorf Goodman. Or a decant at The Perfumed Court.

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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Ah...back room smells. I'd say Bandit Pour Homme (although I'd never wear it)...Black Orchid sort of has that smell to me...Antaeus...Rose Poivree has a bit of that smell, among other things.

    ps - what's a "tack" room?

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    Where equestrian paraphernalia is stored.

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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Back Room:

    Vintage Tabarome
    Bois du Portugal
    Palais Jamais
    Knize Ten

    Tack Room:

    Royal English Leather
    Eau d'Hermes
    Cuir Mauresque
    Creed Cuir de Russie
    Aoud Cuir d'Arabie

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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Michael Kors would be my pick.

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    Default Re: Back room scent?

    Knize Ten, Cuir d'Ottoman, Cuir Mauresque, Bandit, Bogart pour Homme, Etienne Aigner In Leather, and, IMHO, The Dreamer (albeit w/o the leather).

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