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    Default Empty Bottles - any use?

    This morning I just finished a bottle of 212 Men - yeah, big surprise.

    I've been searching through the fora here, and there are lots of posts about whether people keep empties, but is there any use for an empty spray bottle? When I've used up bottles in the past, I've just pitched them, but since finding Basenotes, I have a new appreciation for fragrance in general - and I think the bottle is part of the whole design of the the fragrance experience.

    What do other people do with the empties?

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    Default Re: Empty Bottles - any use?

    I save them. You never know when you might need an extra cap, for example. I also save the boxes. I unfold them and flatten them for storage. You never know when you might need a box. Also, if you hold onto your empties and boxes for long enough, some collector out there will eventually pay you good money for them. Think of it as part of your retirement investment plan.
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    Default Re: Empty Bottles - any use?

    I only keep the cap, just in case I'll ever buy a tester without a cap.

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    Default Re: Empty Bottles - any use?

    I did not finish many bottles yet, so I kept the empty ones so far. My imagination is putting them in various buskets or other places all around the room, or something. Like a part of design. I will play with the idea for a while.

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