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    Default Damn you Creed..

    Why do they have to be so darn nice! Thought I had my collection virtually complete (for the medium term at least) and was going to pick one from GIT and MI. Now I've decided I simply have to have them both and after trying SMW and realising that I actually prefer that, I guess I'll need 3 Does anyone know the cheapest, safest place to buy them from? The only reasonable place I've found so far is 50 for 75ml but never used them; and I still can't find a 75ml GIT.

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    I've been happy the sellers allshewants and YouSmellMarvelous on eBay.
    Creedirect is also good, but she a) doesn't have any listings up right now and b) is pretty bad about answering her e-mails.
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    Fragrancenet delivers to the UK. You can get a 120ml bottle for around 40-60. You might get stung for customs charges of about 15 when it get here, but it still works out a really good deal. I've bought two bottles, one had a cutoms charge, the other slipped through the net. I've never heard of the place you mentioned, but Fragrancenet seems well liked and reliable.

    On ebay UK, 21stScentury is reliable in my experience. I think it's about 50-60 for 75ml and has quick delivery and great customer service.
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    I have a 98% full 4oz bottle of Imperial I don't ever use. I even still have the original sales ticket from Neiman's. Just PM if you might be interested.

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    I tested so many fragrances (niche and designer) and for me is Creed the best (for my age and taste). Now, i owned Millésime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Green Irish Tweed, Original Santal, Original Vetiver, Erolfa and Virgin Island Water. I got no problems with the longtivity (all of them are good).
    I´m happy over here in Germany all 75ml bottles costs 116,- Euro and at Karstadt (mall "official Creed Store"). Sometimes they give 20% or 30% discount, so i bought all of my Creeds (75ml) for 80 Euro or 90 Euro huhuhuhu

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    Well I've got the 3 on order now and am really excited. No other line has this effect on me; they just make you feel like a million bucks which is what its all about. I guess I must be really lucky too because they aren't without complaints but seem complete sillage and longetivity beasts on me, 3 sprays of MI one day was enough for my first compliment from 6 feet a good 8 hours later. SMW seems even stronger, I'm still getting that off my wrist from 1 spray after 10 hours. Score

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    Default Re: Damn you Creed..

    Just so you know, you're going to need Selection Verte as well. This is not negotiable.

    Its my SOTD and I keep thinking how lucky I am to own this every time I smell it.
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