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    Default 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    This a scent that I've so wanted to wear - my mom wears it beautifully and it smells so classy to me!

    I've avoided it for years because when I'd spritz it on, I would smell urine - and came to discover that certain ambergris can convey that scent to some of us lucky folks.

    Fast forward to last week. I've sampled both the 24 Faubourg Eau Delicate and the 24 Faubourg EDT and I did not get the urine note this time!!

    I'm wondering about venturing into the EDP, but I'm nervous.

    Has anyone else had this experience with 24 Faubourg?

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    Default Re: 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by
    24, Faubourg:
    - is as transparent as the dawn: bergamot and orange.
    - glows like the midnight sun: white tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia), orange blossom, jasmine and iris.
    And as sensual as a sunset: sandalwood, patchouli, amber.

    Top note : Bergamot, Orange, Peach, Hyacinth
    Middle note : Tiare Flower, Orange Flower, Jasmine, Orris
    Base note : Sandal, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla
    Although it is not listed here I am pretty sure that along with the indolic jasmine there is a civet note in this blend. I find that civet and indolic jasmines are best enjoyed in the cooler autumn and winter months as they can easily overwhelm in warmer weather.

    In cooler weather the civet / indole notes mellow and become wonderful supporting notes to the major florals in a blend, bringing an earthy, warmth and velvety texture to a blend.

    I enjoy fully in the cold grey winter days and then pack them away as soon as the daffodils bloom and the days become noticably longer.

    So glad that this wonderful scent is now working for you! It is a classic beauty in the making...
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    Default Re: 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    What a happy and enlightening thread. Delighted for seattlelight. Appreciative for moondeva.
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    Default Re: 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    I have 24, Faubourg EDP, and I do pick up civit in it, but not urine. And there is patchouli, which smells like dirt. Plus there is indolic jasmine.
    So, we agree that it smells "dirty" in several ways.
    However, it is primarily sweet and orangey/peachy for me.
    And it is strong, which is why it can become overwhelming in the heat.
    I do love this fragrance.
    The parfumeur who created this fragrance also created Tocade, which has the same kind of sweetness minus the dirtiness. Maybe you should try that one. It is yummy, linear, but deep and pleasant.

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    Default Re: 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    The wealth of information on this board is astounding!

    Thank you, Moondeva, for the information - we finally are having Fall weather here and that must be contributing to my experiences with this scent. That is also a beautiful write up in osmoz.

    Purple bird - thank you for suggesting Tocade. I've never sampled and wouldn't have if you would not have mentioned it. I do find that if I like one scent from a perfumer / nose, I do typically like the others, and if I do not like a scent, it is rare that I take to any of the others created by that person. So, I will be on the lookout for Tocade.

    I've noticed there is a soleil / summer version of 24 Faubourg, but presume it is probably the "no alcohol" formulation, rather than a reinterpretation of the scent.

    Now my only issue is to decide on which formulation to purchase - I am kind of leaning toward the EDT, which is not my usual preference. When I've sampled, I feel as though it contains the depth and sensuality of this scent without being overwhelming. I sampled EDP briefly yesterday - it is much deeper and warmer. I've given the perfume formulation to my mom, but have never sampled it myself.

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    Default Re: 24 Faubourg - the urine note is gone!!!

    I much prefer Eau Delicate over the original version 24 Faubourg on me, personally, but I wear lighter scents than I used to. You might enjoy sampling Love in White by Creed, too.
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