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    Default Yves Rocher Hoggar - Not for a young man?

    I've been using Yves Rocher Hoggar some days, and I like it. It also is very long lasting on my skin. I have it on before I go to work, around 7 in the morning. I usually don't smell it during the days. But at evening when I shower I smell it. Normally I take a shower around nine in the evening. 14 hours is good. So I guess it's noticeible for others. I never get any complements about perfume I use, A little sad...

    But my question is: Do you think Hoggar fit a young man (25 years old) ?
    Or does it smell old man???

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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Hoggar - Not for a young man?

    To me it smells modern, and is very well made.
    The tonka beans stand out in this one, and it isn't another fresh/aquatic/boring thing...
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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Hoggar - Not for a young man?

    Have never smelled the fragrance itself, but I have to be the first to say that it's got one of the worst names I've ever heard -- HOGGAR. Sounds like a fat butcher working in a Swedish abattoir, or something gruesome along those lines. I know about the North African connection here, but it doesn't conjure up images of Berbers and camels -- on the contrary, it just makes me think of fat Swedish butchers making sausage.
    I'm reminded, too, of the comic strip Viking named Hägar the Horrible. But, hey, take it with a grain of salt -- as was mentioned in a separate thread tonight on the board, I rather fancy the name "Clowns on Velvet."
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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Hoggar - Not for a young man?

    I own Hoggar and like it. It lasts more than 12 hours for me with 2-3 sprays. It's warm and sensual. I think it's up to your personality. I understand that it smells mature to you.
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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Hoggar - Not for a young man?

    I own a 75ml of hoggar but have only spritzed it on two occasions to test. I'm really unsure of it, I think it's too old for me and I'm in my early 20's. It's got a note (maybe ginger) that reminds of a sweet pudding. I believe I get swappability next month so I'm unsure whether to put it on that list or not.
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