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    Default Rancé Frustration

    I was quite excited finding a Rancé 1795 Boutique in Milano this week. But alas - the doors were closed for a week or two, due to vacation! All I could see through the (reflecting) glass windows were most beautiful bottles, and a couple of price tags. The stuff seems to be affordable.

    In case I get there again I wonder what in particular I should be looking for ? Rancé fragrances are seldom discussed on Basenotes, and the directory does not give me a clue what are new releases, may be traditional, or even authentic stuff. I know nothing about the original French company other than rumors. And you still have to find that European producer existing in the early nineteenth century and not claiming to have supplied goodies to Napoleon B !
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    Default Re: Rancé Frustration

    There's a shop here in OKC that sells Rancé soaps; however, the shop doesn't carry any of the frags themselves -- only soaps, and maybe sachets. I know that rach2jlc had some Rancé frags up for swap a year or so ago, but I don't know if he still does. He might be able to provide some more info to you.

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    Default Re: Rancé Frustration

    I have five samples that I'm going to get around to testing some day. I have done a couple preliminary tests on Sublime. My opinion is still forming but so far I find it light, complex in the top and mid notes. In spite of its lightness, it has a real presence and substance. It's basically floral and the florals are excellently done. It's only weakness, I think at this point -- I may change my mind, is a quite weak drydown. My experience so far is that Rance has some quite nice things to offer.

    If you don't mind a commercial point of view, Lucious Cargo has a few blurbs about them -- at least they list notes:
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