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    Default Niche vs Designer

    There have been many questions here about why niche are for some (or maybe only me!) such a have-to-try item. After joining BN I've had the opportunity to try and now own some fragrances that I had no idea even existed. To name a few that were recently mentioned - Geir, Egoiste, Chergui... I now own 1 niche - and to me it's not what I expected.

    Take note - this is a VERY uneducated nose, and also it's IMHO.

    What got my interest is that the niche that I've tested (L'Artisan Timbuktu, Tea for Two, Passage d'Enfer, Dzing! and two others I can't remember; FM Musc Ravageur and Noir Epices) are otherworldly in smell. To me these smell like NOTHING I've ever encountered, and I like But that's where it ends. I had this vision of extreme longevity and sillage, especially with the EdP's. Strange, when I put on A*men, Dreamer, Opium PH I get what I want in being different, longevity, output, development, "oooh too heavy!! / I'll never wear THAT!" - which is what I want in a fragrance.

    Is it just me, my nose, do I need more education with niche...I'm tempted to buy Kingdom
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