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    Default Highschool Homecoming

    Yes, tonight is homecoming and I'm not sure which fragrance to wear. I'm torn between Platinum Egoiste, Clinque Happy, or Dolce & Gabbana. Thoughts?

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    PM me please.

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    Default Re: Highschool Homecoming

    D&'s got all that a great fragrance is about! Enjoy!!

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    Default Re: Highschool Homecoming

    Wear what you wore when you were in highschool.

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    Default Re: Highschool Homecoming

    Platinum Egoiste

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    Quote Originally Posted by breeze11 View Post
    Platinum Egoiste
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    Make it the Platinum. The Happy's a bit casual, and the D&G has monster sillage sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breeze11 View Post
    Platinum Egoiste
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightninrod View Post

    Another vote for Chanel

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